PokerStars 40 Billionth Hand Promotion!

Posted at 20:28 2010-02-14

When people are asked which is the biggest and best site for online poker the answer is almost unanimously PokerStars. The fact that so many of our players refer to this site as home means that they rack up hands nearly as quickly as Kevin Rudd adds to Australia's deficit. The great gaming juggernaut is about to reach its 40 billionth hand and PokerStars want you to help celebrate!

Whether you are a cash game player a tournament player or fall somewhere in between there are so many ways for you to get amongst the action. Read on for more information.

Cash game players - it is all about milestone hands. All players playing on the tables leading up to the 40 billionth hand milestone have a great shot at winning. All you need to do is be on a table when every millionth hand is dealt and you will then receive $40 for every VPP earned for the past 40 hands on that table! The winner of the actual hand will receive double this amount meaning that you could literally win a few thousand dollars just by playing at your favourite table.

On top of this when the big 40 billionth hand goes off, players will win $400 for every VPP earned! Again the winning player will get double meaning that the lucky players on those tables will be looking at scoring a figure well into the tens of thousands of dollars!

This promotion is available from hand 39,601,000,000 until hand 40,000,000,000 meaning that you have a lot of opportunities to get involved.

Tournament players - The 40 billionth hand celebration ties in quite nicely with the PokerStars Sunday Millions 4th anniversary! Considering there are '4s' everywhere in this equation they have gone and made the Sunday Millions on Feb 22nd an event with a ridiculous $4,000,000 dollar guarantee! First prize will have a guarantee of $1,000,000, so now more than ever you should be playing the Sunday Millions!

Other great tournament incentives in this promotion include the Sunday 'Micro Million' on the 15th of February which with a buy in of just $40 will have an amazing $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool! On top of this there are tournaments that you can enter for just 40 VPP and that have a guarantee of $40,000!

There is literally something happening for all tournament players this month!

Sit n Go players - There are special sit and go tournaments running right around the clock. They are all 40 man tournaments and are at buy-in levels ranging from $1.10 to $55 between the 15th and 22nd of February. Win one of these and you will get a slice of a $40,000 bonus for each buy in level which will be shared by all the winners at that limit over that period.

First Time Players - There are fantastic F40 freerolls for new players as well. Simply make your first real money deposit using the code 'F40' and you will receive a ticket to a freeroll event with a nice $1,000 prize pool up for grabs! What a way to build your bankroll!

As you can see there is something for everyone in this amazing F40-40 billionth hand bonanza at PokerStars. Stop reading this and play there today!

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Poker Stars 40 Billionth Hand Promotion! Poker Stars 40 Billionth Hand Promotion!

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