PokerStars 50 Billionth Hand Promotion

Posted at 10:16 2010-09-19

PokerStars is approaching a milestone that’s definitely worth celebrating: hand number 50 billion! Obviously this is an event that can’t go unnoticed so PokerStars is celebrating their 50 billionth hand in a big way. Players will be celebrating too because PokerStars is going to give out over $1 million in prizes for this special occasion.

A lot of the money will be given out through the cash game Milestone Hands. Milestone Hands are considered any million-hand mark leading up to the 50,000,000,000th hand. Anybody who is involved in a Milestone Hand will automatically receive a $50 bonus.

In addition to this, players will also get $50 for every VIP point they earn in the previous 50 hands; the person who wins the pot will double their total bonus. Whenever lucky hand number 50 billion is dealt, all players involved must still meet the aforementioned requirements with the bonus size moving from $50 to $500. And the winner of this hand gets an additional $50,000!

Those interested in sit and go’s will appreciate the Super Sit and Go Tournaments running during the 50 billionth hand promo. You just need to look for the 50-player Super Sit and Go tourneys to win your share of $50,000; the more tournaments you win, the larger share of the $50k you’ll receive.

Another tournament-based reward for playing at PokerStars in the midst of this milestone is the 50 Billion Depositor Freeroll. If you either deposit or reload during this period, you will be entered in a $50,000 freeroll.

The last thing you can take advantage of during the 50 billionth hand promotion are extra VIP bonuses. Every 3,000 VIP points you earn before the 50 billionth hand will put another $50 in your pocket.

In all, there are four different ways to earn some major money in this promotion. Basically, all you have to do is play poker and sit back while collecting lots of rewards. Get dealt into hand number 50 billion, and you could be in for a payday worth thousands of dollars! Download PokerStars today!

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PokerStars 50 Billionth Hand Promotion PokerStars 50 Billionth Hand Promotion

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