PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in World Record War - Players Win!

Posted at 19:47 2009-07-18
Just days after Full Tilt Poker announced its attempt at the biggest (by entries) online tournament ever, PokerStars (the current record holder) have returned serve by announcing a $1 buy-in tournament with US$100,000 guaranteed in prize money.
The PokerStars tournament will be held at 4:10am AEST on Monday, just 55 minutes before Full Tilt Poker runs its $5 buy-in US$500,000 guaranteed event. Both tournaments are expected to offer heavy overlays for the buy-ins, particularly the Full Tilt Poker tournament which may suffer from PokerStars’ aggressive scheduling, if people aren’t capable or willing to play both tournaments at the same time.
PokerStars are currently running freeroll hyper-turbo satellites to their $1 buy-in tournament, with 1000 seats guaranteed, a lot of those tournaments are attracting 17,000+ runners.
The Full Tilt tournament will wrap up the site’s Fifth Birthday celebrations, hence the $5 buy-in. The prize pool is guaranteed to be a massive US$500,000. Full Tilt Poker is holding satellites starting at a lofty 30 cents buy-in. The event kicks off at 5:05am AEST.
In addition to holding its Guinness World Record attempt, Full Tilt is also enlarging the guaranteed prize pools of its Sunday majors this weekend. The Sunday Mulligan Sunday Mulligan will have at least US$250,000 in the kitty. The Sunday Brawl will be US$500,000 guaranteed, while the $1 Million guaranteed event will carry at least US$1.5 million this week.
With the marketing war between the two sites, the players are most certainly looking set to win, especially if the one-upmanship continues between the two largest online poker providers in the world.


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Guiness World Record War! Guiness World Record War!

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