PokerStars Announces Hot Turbos

Posted at 07:29 2012-03-07

PokerStars has introduced a new schedule of turbo tournaments that will run seven days a week: "The Hot Turbos." The daily tournaments will feature guaranteed prize pools and boast a wide range of buy-ins from $0.55 to $109. Not only that, all guaranteed prize pools will be doubled on Sundays.

Each tournament will use a turbo structure, which is perfect for players short on time. If you’re located outside the United States and wish to access the new Hot Turbos, all you have to do is open the PokerStars lobby and click "Tourney" and "All," or simply type "Hot" into the Tourney Filter.

Hot Turbo Details

Tournament NameBuy-InTimeGuaranteed Prize Pool
The Hot $109$10902:30 ET$10,000
The Hot $2.20$2.2004:30 ET$4,000
The Hot $3.30$3.3006:30 ET$6,000
The Hot $4.40$4.4007:30 ET$8,000
The Hot $33$3310:30 ET$10,000
The Hot $11$1112:30 ET$25,000
The Hot $16.50$16.5013:30 ET$25,000
The Hot $75$7514:30 ET$30,000
The Hot $55$5515:15 ET$20,000
The Hot $0.55$0.5516:45 ET$2,500
The Hot $44$4418:30 ET$25,000
The Hot $5.50$5.5019:45 ET$5,000
The Hot $22$2222:45 ET$10,000

*To learn more on The Hot Turbos, visit PokerStars.


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