PokerStars Game of Your Life Promotion - Win a $100,000 Sports Adventure

Posted at 16:49 2011-04-07

Do you want nothing more than to grab a group of friends and travel halfway around the world to see game seven of the NBA Championship? If Basketball isn’t your game, then how about the Super Bowl? What about the Olympics? Tennis more your game? Then head on over to Wimbledon? The world is your sporting oyster thanks to the new Game of Your Life promotion launched by PokerStars this week. Now you have the chance to see any sporting event, anywhere in the world, with as many friends as you like.

The best part of this new PokerStars promotion is that it is absolutely free to play. In addition to the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to any sporting event in the world, PokerStars will also be offering $1,000,000 in cash awarded throughout the promotion in the Game of Your Life freerolls.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Front-row seats to the sporting event (or events) of your choice- anywhere in the world
  • Bring as many friends as you want
  • All travel and accommodation included
  • Total prize package up to the value of $100,000
  • Plus over $1,000,000 in cash awarded in freerolls running every week

In order to take your shot at this offer, players will have to qualify for any of the six freeroll finals which can be done in several ways including free-to-enter feeder satellites and FPP satellites, both running multiple times a day from now until May 21st, with the finals taking place once a week from April 17th-May 22nd.

The first five freerolls will feature $100,000 cash prizepools, while the 22nd of May will play host to the Grand Final whereby the winner will take home the Game of Your Life prize, jet setting off to anywhere in the world to see a sporting event of their choice, all expenses paid, up to $100,000!

If you’re having trouble winning a feeder-satellite into one of the finals don’t fret because all you have to is either make a first deposit or reload your existing account and you will be credited with a $100,000 freeroll final ticket of your choice.

  • First deposit bonus code: ‘GOYLFDB’ (minimum $10 deposit)
  • Reload Deposit bonus code: ‘GOYLRELOAD’ (minimum reload of $50)

So if you haven’t got an account yet, download PokerStars now and start making a list of the friends you’re going to take to the sporting event of your choice.

Which sporting event will you choose?

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Win a $100,000 sports adventure package with the PokerStars Game of Your Life! Win a $100,000 sports adventure package with the PokerStars Game of Your Life!

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