PokerStars Mini Series of Poker - $8,000 Cash Added!

Posted at 17:16 2010-06-28

The 2010 World Series of Poker might be in full swing in Las Vegas, but for those of you at home looking to get into some tournament action, this you should check out these series of fantastic value-added tournaments coming up this week.

PokerNews, PokerNetwork and PokerStars proudly present the Mini Series of Poker.

Seven different events will take place from June 28th through to July 6th (AEST) and there is a total of $8,000 in cash added throughout the seven tournaments.

These events are open to all players with a PokerStars account, no matter where you signed up. If you don't have a PokerStars account, you can download PokerStars here using our PokerStars marketing code to take advantage of our sign up bonus as well as our exclusive freerolls.

Each of the tournaments in the MiniSOP is password protected.  All you need to register is a PokerStars account and the password to register. All seven events have the same password, which is: Negreanu.

Schedule of Events

June 28 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284873649): $5+.50 no-limit hold'em with $500 added
June 29 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284873741): $5+.50 limit hold'em with $500 added
June 30 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284873586): $5+.50 2-7 no-limit with $1,000 added
July 1 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284873518): $5+.50 seven card stud with $1,000 added
July 2 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284863651): $5+.50 pot-limit Omaha with $1,500 added
July 4 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284863955): $5+.50 8 Game with $1,500 added
July 5 - 9:05am AEST (Tournament ID: 284864066): $5+.50 no-limit hold'em Main Event with $2,000 added

All tournaments can be found under Tourney à Private in the PokerStars tournament lobby.

Your share of $8,000 in cash is up for grabs. You have the password, so download PokerStars and create an account today. You do not want to miss this fantastic value-added series!

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PokerStars Mini Series of Poker - $8,000 Added Cash To Be Won This Week! PokerStars Mini Series of Poker - $8,000 Added Cash To Be Won This Week!

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