PokerStars RNG Certified Secure by Cigital

Posted at 13:00 2010-03-28

In another boost for PokerStars, Cigital, the world’s largest software security and quality consulting firm, announced earlier this week that the random number generator (RNG) used to shuffle the cards on their site, has passed the test with flying colours.

By analyzing the source code, entropy sources and documentation for PokerStars’ RNG implementation, samples of the RNG output stream from the online site was put through FIPS 140-2 style testing. With full access to the source code, Cigital confirmed that there were no weaknesses in the programming and concluded that the RNG is safe and secure.

“Truly random numbers are the heart of fair online gaming,” said Paco Hope, Manager of Cigital’s Gaming Services. “Our assessment looked at the entire solution, including the hardware and the software, and confirmed that the output of the RNG is cryptographically random and truly unpredictable.”

PokerStars were fully compliant with the testing and in fact, as PokerStars’ Director of Online Marketing Lukas Grant explained, were more than happy to have Cigital on board to conduct the audit, “Cigital’s reputation for excellence is well known in the gaming industry,” he said. “Their previous discovery of critical RNG implementation weakness at a major online poker site made our decision to work with Cigital an easy one. Their considerable technical expertise and thorough approach to software reliability and security have established them as a trusted third-party evaluator.”

Player trust is very important for all online poker sites and PokerStars are doing everything possible to ensure that players will be able to play with 100% confidence knowing that their software is completely safe, secure and trustworthy. If you’re a new player then you can now download PokerStars with confidence and enjoy the true randomness of poker!

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You can play with 100% confidence at PokerStars! You can play with 100% confidence at PokerStars!

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