PokerStars WCOOP Schedule Announced

Posted at 18:52 2009-07-05
The world’s foremost Online Poker Championship is back for another edition, with the PokerStars.com World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) running its eighth incarnation between from September 4th – 22nd 2009.
The series will kick off with a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’ em tournament. Running 18 days, things will culminate with the two day No Limit Hold’ em Main Event.
The 2009 WCOOP series will guarantee $40 million in prize money, a boost of $10 million on last year’s series.
The WCOOP is gaining in prestige every year, with some even viewing it as the “true world championship”. In some respects they have a point. It is certainly more accessible then any of the major live events, with last year’s series comprising 22,873 unique players from 119 countries worldwide.
Team PokerStars Pro member Vanessa ‘LadyMaverick’ Rousso summed it up best stating, "The [PokerStars.com] WCOOP is my favourite event - anyone can play at anytime, anywhere, with tournaments running throughout the day. For millions of players, it’s the ultimate poker championship and everyone has the chance to become a World Champion!”
The WCOOP also allows players 18 years and older into the field, meaning that the fields get a whole heap of added sharks that are normally held at bay by the fact that US law considers them to be under-age.
Possibly adding more credence to this argument is the fact that all WCOOP winners are awarded a gold bracelet for their victory, in a tradition very similar to the trend started by the World Series of Poker. Like their World Series of Poker counterparts, WCOOP bracelets are becoming the calling card of poker champions.
The 2009 series has taken into account all of the feedback received from the earlier editions of the series, and with a lot of input from the players themselves, this series is not only promising to be enjoyable, but lucrative as well – many of the events are expected to significantly exceed their guaranteed prize pools.
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu said “There are hundreds of exciting tournaments all year round but nothing compares to the [PokerStars.com] WCOOP – it’s the ‘must play’ event of the year for any poker player. Last year over 20,000 players came together from across the world to compete in the largest ever online poker event - for their chance to become a World Champion”.
In all there will be a total of 45 events covering almost the entire slate of games including Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, HORSE, 2-7 Draw and even Badugi. Players will be impressed with some of the new tournaments that have been added this year including a $320 Fixed Limit Badugi tournament, a $530 Heads-up Pot Limit Omaha tournament and a big ante No Limit Hold’ em event.
Last year’s series guaranteed US$30 million in prize money and easily exceeded it, awarding US$39,958,000. This year’s series is already guaranteed to exceed that of last year, and if predictions are correct it could award well over US$50 million in prizes.
As an added bonus Team PokerStars Pro will be very active throughout the series, and so players will have a chance to bust some of their favourites including Vanessa Rousso, Gavin Griffin, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, or more locally based members like Joe Hachem or Lee Nelson.
Players can qualify for WCOOP events via PokerStars satellites which will be available in a range of low-stake buy-ins that mean everyone has a chance at WCOOP glory.
Event   Date    Day     Time    Buy-In Game   Guarantee
1          3-Sep   Thu      14:30   $215    NL Hold’ em [6-max] $1,250,000
2          3-Sep   Thu      16:30   $215    Razz    $200,000
3          4-Sep   Fri        14:30   $215    PL Omaha [6-max]     $500,000
4          4-Sep   Fri        16:30   $215    NL Single Draw 2-7 w/rebuys            $200,000
5          4-Sep   Fri        20:00   $109    8-Game [10-minute levels]      $50,000
6          5-Sep   Sat       12:45   $109    NL Hold’ em $1,000,000
7          5-Sep   Sat       14:30   $215    PL 5-Card Draw         $200,000
8          5-Sep   Sat       16:30   $215    FL Hold’ em   $400,000
9          6-Sep   Sun      12:45   $215    NL Hold’ em $1,000,000
10        6-Sep   Sun      14:30   $10,300           NL Hold’ em [High Roller]    $2,000,000
11        6-Sep   Sun      16:30   $530    NL Hold’ em [2-day] $3,000,000
12        7-Sep   Mon     14:30   $215    NL Hold’ em [4-max] $500,000
13        7-Sep   Mon     16:30   $320    7-Card Stud    $150,000
14        8-Sep   Tue      14:30   $320    Mixed Hold’ em [6-max]        $300,000
15        8-Sep   Tue      16:30   $320    FL Badugi       $100,000
16        8-Sep   Tue      20:00   $1,050 NL Hold’ em $500,000
17        9-Sep   Wed    14:30   $530    NL Hold’ em Triple Shootout [10-max]         $500,000
18        9-Sep   Wed    16:30   $320    8-Game           $300,000
19        10-Sep Thu      14:30   $320    PL Omaha [6-max, 1R1A]      $400,000
20        10-Sep Thu      16:30   $320    FL Triple Draw 2-7     $100,000
21        11-Sep Fri        14:30   $215    NL Hold’ em w/rebuys           $1,250,000
22        11-Sep Fri        16:30   $530    FL Omaha Hi/Lo        $400,000
23        11-Sep Fri        20:00   $320    NL Hold’ em [10-minute levels]         $300,000
24        12-Sep Sat       14:30   $530    NL Hold’ em [Heads-Up Match Play]           $1,000,000
25        12-Sep Sat       16:30   $320    H.O.R.S.E.      $400,000
26        13-Sep Sun      12:45   $215    NL Hold’ em $1,000,000
27        13-Sep Sun      14:30   $25,500           NL Hold’ em [High Roller Match Play]         $800,000
28        13-Sep Sun      16:30   $1,050 NL Hold’ em [2-day] $3,000,000
29        14-Sep Mon     14:30   $320    Mixed [PL Hold’ em, PL Omaha]      $400,000
30        14-Sep Mon     16:30   $320    NL Hold’ em [2X Chance]     $600,000
31        15-Sep Tue      14:30   $320    PL Omaha w/rebuys [6-max] $700,000
32        15-Sep Tue      16:30   $530    7-Card Stud Hi/Lo      $200,000
33        15-Sep Tue      20:00   $1,050 NL Hold’ em $500,000
34        16-Sep Wed    14:30   $215    NL Hold’ em [big antes]         $500,000
35        16-Sep Wed    16:30   $320    PL Omaha Hi/Lo        $500,000
36        17-Sep Thu      14:30   $530    NL Hold’ em w/rebuys [6-max]         $1,000,000
37        17-Sep Thu      16:30   $2,100 PL Omaha [6-max]     $600,000
38        18-Sep Fri        14:30   $530    NL Hold’ em [1R1A] $1,000,000
39        18-Sep Fri        16:30   $1,050 FL Hold’ em [6-max] $400,000
40        18-Sep Fri        20:00   $215    NL Omaha Hi/Lo [10-minute levels] $200,000
41        19-Sep Sat       14:30   $530    PL Omaha [Heads-Up Match Play]    $250,000
42        19-Sep Sat       16:30   $2,100 8-Game           $350,000
43        20-Sep Sun      12:45   $215    NL Hold’ em $1,000,000
44        20-Sep Sun      14:30   $10,300           H.O.R.S.E. [High Roller]       $1,000,000
45        20-Sep Sun      16:30   $5,200 NL Hold’ em Main Event [2-day]      $10,000,000
                        Total Buy-Ins            $70,793                      $40,000,000
*PokerStars reserve the right to amend the WCOOP 2009 schedule in whole or for any individual event up to the point that the event begins

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