Product Review: Copag Dual Index Poker Size Playing Cards

Posted at 00:42 2009-03-19
Ever bought a deck of playing cards and found them to be poor quality? Impossible to shuffle and control? Marked really easily? Yet it was too late to take them back because you had already ponied up your hard earned and bought them? Want to buy a new set of cards but not sure what to buy?
Fear not! PokerNetwork is going to try to take the guess work out of buying new poker products with our series of product reviews.
It took many hard nights of home games, too many cartons of Tooheys Extra Dry, and stacking off many times with two pair to bring you these product reviews, but it’s all in a day’s work for a fearless PokerNetwork reporter.
Over the next few pieces we’ll be reviewing some of the poker playing cards available from Australia’s leading poker suppliers - Pocket Aces Over Kings.
Copag Dual Index Poker Size
Made in Brazil, these cards are widely regarded as the top of the pile when it comes to poker playing cards. It’s not hard to see why.
The Copag Dual Index’s have small number and suit indicators in each corner allowing a player to squeeze any corner of the card to see the suit and strength of their holdings.
The cards are hard wearing, washable and 100% plastic. The PokerNetwork home game put them to the test with some extreme bending and even folding of the cards (just for kicks) and they snapped right back into shape with no indication that they were bent at any stage.
Those who play with ethically challenged players in their home games will be pleased to know that the cards are virtually impossible to mark. Hoping to finally figure out if TassieDevil could really have that ace again, I sat there with a pen trying to draw on the card and it didn’t mark at all!
The plastic cards are resistant to water and with their sleek design they fly aerodynamically and are perfect for pitching should that be your preferred dealing method.
The cards are also extremely easy to hold and control and good for dealers who may not have the best dexterity and fine motor skills.
I was that confident about the hard wearing nature of these cards that I considered setting them on fire. It may have saved me a couple of buy-ins!
Jokes aside these cards are the king of playing cards for a reason.
As far as price goes these cards are amongst the more expensive on the market. But you are paying for quality and all things considered I believe they are value for money. Pocket Aces Over Kings are your source for these cards in Australia and they are worth every cent at AU$29.90 for a hard-case containing two decks of the cards as pictured.
Fast Facts 
Brand: Copag
Deck Background Colours: Three different sets – Blue/Red, Black/Gold, Green/Burgundy
Index: Jumbo
Material: 100% Plastic
Texture: Smooth
Flexibility: Excellent
Markability: Virtually impossible, extremely durable
Shuffle: Easy to control
Extras: Hard plastic case – perfect for storage and transport
Buy Now: https://www.pocketacesoverkings.com/shop.php
Stay tuned to this series as next we’ll take a look at the KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo poker playing cards.

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Copag Dual Index Poker Size Playing Cards Copag Dual Index Poker Size Playing Cards

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