Product Review: KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo Playing Cards

Posted at 12:48 2009-03-31
We continue our reviews of the playing cards on the market by today looking at the KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo cards. Once again we thank our friends at Pocket Aces Over Kings for allowing us to road test these playing cards.
KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo
The United States Playing Card Company touts itself as makers of the finest cards in the world. In all truth they are probably right, they are certainly right up there beside the Copag’s at the top of the pile.
Now I may get kicked out of the poker fraternity for saying this, but I prefer the smaller and narrower size of bridge cards over poker cards. That’s just a personal preference from someone who is slightly uncoordinated, and others may share that opinion.
In any case the KEM Paisley Narrow’s are an excellent playing card. They are made of 100% Plastic – Cellulose Acetate and the company claims that they are the only playing card on the market made from no vinyl whatsoever. I have no idea as to the validity of this claim, and frankly couldn’t care.
The skinny of it, the card is sleek, easy to hold and deal, extremely easy to control while shuffling (maybe something to do with the bridge size of the cards).
If you have ever used a set of KEM cards you will know that no matter what pressure you exert on the card it snaps back to its exact original shape with no signs of bending or damage. These are high quality playing cards.
They also seem impossible to mark, which automatically extends their life and durability over cards of less quality. Not to mention the fact that your players won’t be whinging for deck changes about marked cards. Although I can’t guarantee they will shut up the resident whinger who is on life tilt and apparently hasn’t won with aces in the hole since 1971.
These cards sell for around the AU$40.00 mark, with Pocket Aces Over Kings selling them for AU$35.95 for two decks, and a good quality hard carry case. This is great value for money when you consider that they have a longer playing life than most of your competing cards on the market.
Fast Facts:
Brand: KEM
Deck Background Colours: Blue and Gold, and Red and Gold.
Index: Jumbo
Material: 100% Plastic
Texture: Sleek
Flexibility: Excellent
Markability: Virtually impossible, extremely durable
Shuffle: Easy to control
Extras: Hard plastic case – perfect for storage and transport
Buy Now: https://www.pocketacesoverkings.com/shop.php
Stay tuned as next week we'll take a look at the Modiano Club Poker brand of playing cards.


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Product Review: KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo Playing Cards Product Review: KEM Paisley Narrow Jumbo Playing Cards

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