Product Review: Modiano Club Poker Playing Cards (Two and Four-Colour)

Posted at 13:36 2009-04-19
We continue with our product reviews this week by taking a look at the popular Modiano Club Poker playing cards. Once again we thank our good friends at Pocket Aces Over Kings, Australia’s premier poker supplier, for allowing us to road test these products.
The Modiano Club’s are 100% plastic and are double sided. They come in blue and red decks, although they don’t come with a protective case like the Copags and KEMs which we have previously reviewed.
Many people at the PokerNetwork home game enjoyed the Modiano Clubs and commented that these were their favourite cards of the lot. The cards have a nice feel about them and are easy to control and shuffle.
Made in Italy they have a very thick, cardboard like texture about them.
The thickness of the cards is most noticeable when riffling during the shuffle. It certainly takes some getting used to.
While I am a massive fan of both the KEMs and Copags, they aren’t for everyone and the Modianos certainly offer a nice alternative.
One of the great and unique features of the Modianos are the optional four-colour deck. For those who are used to mutli-tabling online they will know how useful the four colour deck can be to indentify suits and potential flushes on the board. While not for the traditionalists, the four-colour deck is certainly a talking point at the home page. A standard two-colour deck is also available.
The Modiano Club Poker cards can be purchased at Pocket Aces Over Kings for AU$34.95 for two decks, while there is also the option of buying them in a single deck pack.
Fast Facts
Brand: Modiano
Deck Background Colours: Blue and Red elegant designs
Index: Jumbo
Material: 100% Plastic
Texture: Slick design
Flexibility: Very slight creasing issues
Markability: Plastic coating prevents most marking
Shuffle: Reasonably easy to shuffle
Extras: Holding tray
Buy Now: https://www.pocketacesoverkings.com/shop.php

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Modiano Club Poker Playing Cards Modiano Club Poker Playing Cards

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