Puzz Wins ANZPT Sydney!

Posted at 11:37 2009-05-04
The final day of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event saw the surviving 26 players return to the felt to play it out until a winner was crowned.  They were led by Billy "The Croc" Argyros but he wasn't going to have it easy with the likes of Tony Hachem, Joel Dodds, John Caridad, Matthew Burgoine, Chris Levick, Lisa Walsh and Paren Arzoomanian still in contention.
The action was frantic in the early goings with nine eliminations in the first ninety minutes.  When Peter Ling was cruelly eliminated when his pocket queens fell to the pocket sevens of Majed Haddad, he was eliminated in 19th place and the players redrew for the final two tables.
PokerStars Team Australia member Tony Hachem also felt the pain of a terrible beat when his pocket aces were cracked by the pocket kings of Joel Dodds when the board ran out {Ks}{8c}{9s}{8s}{7c}.  Hachem took the beat with class but couldn't recover to be eliminated in 17th place.  Hachem is the only player to cash in both ANZPT events, and as such holds the lead in the ANZPT Points Race.
With one table particularly heavy with chips, Paren Arzoomanian emerged as a clear chip leader with some excellent reads and quality play.  When Hugh Cohen departed in 10th place the final table was set.
Seat 1: Lisa Walsh - 1,481,000
Seat 2: Billy "The Croc" Argyros - 789,000
Seat 3: Xin Zhao - 456,000
Seat 4: Joel Dodds - 483,000
Seat 5: Chris Kittos - 1,287,000
Seat 6: Paren Arzoomanian - 2,065,000
Seat 7: John Caridad - 638,000
Seat 8: James Newhan - 989,000
Seat 9: Majed Haddad - 1,510,000
The final table was a fiercely fought contest, with plenty of chip in play allowing some freedom for players to make moves.  The short stacks weren't able to recover and even a liquid dinner couldn't save "The Croc" when his {Kd}{Ks} were undone by the {Qh}{Td} of John Caridad when the flop landed {Qc}{Tc}{9h}.
Crocky exited in 6th and Majed Haddad soon followed in 5th after being crippled by a great call from Lisa Walsh.  The action board was {Qc}{4d}{5c}{3h} when Haddad moved all in over the top of Walsh's bet.  She called with {Qd}{Jd} and was in great shape against the {Qh}{9d} of Haddad.  The river was the {Kd} and Haddad was crippled and eliminated soon after.
Lisa Walsh was the most prominent player and looked to at one point be on the verge of holding 70% of the chips in play.  She twice flopped a set of eights, only to see John Caridad make a straight on both occasions (once to chop) to survive.
Chris Kittos departed in 4th place and after some three-way discussions John Caridad finally cracked to the pressure and was eliminated in 3rd place.  Paren Arzoomanian held a narrow lead over Lisa Walsh into heads up play, and continued to slowly chip away at Walsh to extend the lead.
Finally Walsh made a stand with {Kh}{9c} and Arzoomanian called with {Ac}{5d}.  The board ran out {js}{8s}{8d}{5c}{Ad}vand Arzoomanian had won the trophy!  Lisa Walsh's $162,690 for 2nd place is one of the biggest wins by an Australianvfemale player and she should be commended for a fine tournament.
But the man they call "Puzz" will be the toast of Sydney and PokerNetwork as Paren Arzoomanian captures the title of ANZPT Sydney Champion taking home a massive $246,500!  Congratulations Puzz!
1st Paren Arzoomanian - $246,500
2nd Lisa Walsh - $162,690
3rd John Caridad - $93,670
4th Chris Kittos - $69,020 
5th Majed Haddad - $55,709
6th Billy 'The Croc' Argyros - $44,370
7th Joel Dodds - $34,510
8th James Newhan - $24,650
9th Xin Zhao - $16,762


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Puzz Wins ANZPT Sydney! Puzz Wins ANZPT Sydney!

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