Quoc Nguyen wins the Shane Warne Super Stack at The Crown Casino

Posted at 09:30 2013-05-07 by Matthew Pitt

Quoc Nguyen is now $21,800 richer than a few days ago thanks to taking down the latest instalment of the Shane Warne Super Stack tournament, held at the fabulous Crown Casino in Melbourne. Nguyen had to navigate his way through a star-studded field of 510 runners on his way to victory, a fact that will have made his victory sweeter.

Day 2 started with 160 players in the running, but only 45 of them received prize money, with a min-cash being worth $600. One of the first players to pick up this amount was Mario Ljubicic the 44th place finisher. Others to help themselves to some cash were defending champion Dean Schneider and Vinh Tran.

The 10-handed final table was set on Sunday evening and what a final table it was. The action was explosive as first Darryl Gassal busted out in tenth place, followed by Sebastian Selvaggio, David Atkins, Busra Kaluntakasuwun, Anthony Legg and the start-of-the-day chip leader Michael Rinaldi. Shortly after Rinaldi had busted out and headed to the cashier’s cage to pick up fifth place money, the final four evenly matched players decided to split the remaining prize pool via an ICM chop and leave an additional $4,000 for the champion.

Andrew Kyle’s hope of becoming champion were dashed as he was eliminated in fourth place, as were those dreams and aspirations belonging to Dale Townsend the third place finisher. Townsend’s exit left Sam Paisely to take a 5-to-1 chip lead into the heads-up battle with Nguyen, a lead that would usually be unassailable – but not this time around.

Nguyen doubled up and then played aggressively to forge a lead for himself The final hand, according to the 888 Poker blog, saw Paisey raise, Nguyen three-bet all in and Paisley call with {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Nguyen flipped over a pair of eights and when the board ran out {6-Spades}{3-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} it was game over for Paisley and Nguyen was announced as the champion.

Shane Warne Super Stack final table results

1stQuoc Nguyen$21,800*
2ndSam Paisley$17,500*
3rdDale Townsend$17,100*
4thAndrew Kyle$16,100*
5thMichael Riinaldi$6,000
6thAnthony Legg$5,000
7thBusra Kaluntakasuwun$4,000
8thDavid Atkins$3,000
9thSebastian Selvaggio$2,500
10thDarryl Gassal$2,100

*reflects a four-handed deal

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