RaidBet.net Buzzes for Cindy “Queen Bee” Morgan

Posted at 13:44 2009-04-16
In what could only be described as the ultimate fairytale story for any aspiring poker professional or freeroll pub poker tournament grinder, long time Australian Poker League regular Cindy Morgan has been signed on by new online poker room RaidBet.net. Known for her hard-hitting style on the felt and her likeable personality off it, the proud mother of four has been duly recognized for her contribution to the freeroll poker community.

“[Poker]’s in my blood and my heart … my drive is my self worth … [I want] to secure my children into a fine stable future,” she said. “I am very proud of who I am – also very proud that I achieved my goal in a very short two years.”

Morgan’s most notable achievement to date was her deep run in the APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic at Crown Casino in Melbourne. However, despite her polished gameplay, most players would be surprised that she has never read a poker book, nor has she taken professional lessons!

Her poker career began after learning the basics from her eldest son, then after she started playing in her local APL pub poker competitions, she adopted a simple mantra – take one thing from the previous game, learn from it, then take it into the next game.

As a result she’s evolved into a “very aggressive, hard-hitting yet patient player, [who] plays position impeccably and plays the players and the cards. She reads people really well … and packs a very big sting when needed, one that people do not easily forget.”

This reputation has earned her the nickname “Queen Bee” amongst her peers. Now, Cindy Morgan has earned the Queen Bee status amongst the online poker industry by being signed on as RaidBet.net’s brand ambassador. She will feature in their marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as sponsorship deals to play in major poker tournaments in Australia and around the world.

To mark RaidBet.net’s debut, the online poker site is offering a substantial deposit bonus of 100% up to $500, a “Refer-a-Friend” promotion and running freeroll poker tournaments offering cash prizes three times a day. They also offer fixed-limit, pot-limit and no-limit betting in a variety of disciplines, including Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven-Card Stud.

RaidBet.net promises “robust and scalable software” with all the basic features, clean graphics, great support features and is “committed to delivering a premium online poker room for players looking for authentic real time action.” Though traffic is increasing steadily, from all reports the freeroll tournaments are constantly full.

You too can download the free software and sign up to play with Cindy “Queen Bee” Morgan – find out more about what everyone’s buzzing about at www.raidbet.net.

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"Queen Bee" Cindy Morgan signs with RaidBet.net "Queen Bee" Cindy Morgan signs with RaidBet.net

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