Refl0w Wins PokerNetwork APCOOP Freeroll

Posted at 14:08 2010-11-24

Fast and furious action was the order of the day as 310 players gathered to duke it out for ten tickets to the Asia Pacific Championship of Online Poker in PokerNetwork’s exclusive freeroll. The major prize on the line was a $215 Main Event Seat, but the ten handed final table would all walk away with at least a $33 APCOOP event ticket.

 With ten minute levels in the game aggression was always going to reign and the most active players would either be rewarded with a monster stack or a quick elimination, while the idle just blinded away out of the tournament. After three and a half hours of play Sydney’s ‘Refl0w’ reigned supreme to be rewarded the Main Event seat after rolling over Tweed Heads resident ‘6689Col’ in heads-up play.

Earlier in the night Brisbane’s ‘Offspring13’ became the unlucky player to bubble after getting {3d}{3h} all in against Perth player ‘pistachi’ who had {7s}{7h}. The Western Australian would get the chocolates after making a set to send the Queenslander out of the tourney empty-handed.

That left the following ten players all qualifying for the final table and the prizes:

Seat 1: Dale The Dog (35807 in chips)
Seat 2: rcat1951 (24632 in chips)
Seat 3: OMGBasic (100479 in chips)
Seat 4: x wheats x (39358 in chips)
Seat 5: caholzl (43438 in chips)
Seat 6: Refl0w (30971 in chips)
Seat 7: Sedda (47873 in chips)
Seat 8: pistachi (85439 in chips)
Seat 9: BOYDOX (30609 in chips)
Seat 10: 6689Col (26394 in chips)

Melbourne’s ‘Dale The Dog’ wanted to be the leader of the pack and went for it with {Ah}{Tc} early on in the final table, only to find himself as the underdog against ‘caholzl’ from Brisbane who had the Victorian covered with {As}{kc}.

‘Caholzl’ hit his king and the board paired nines making him two pair, good to collect 74,364 from pot and send ‘Dale The Dog’ home with his tail between his legs and a ticket for a APCOOP $33 event.

Next to go was ‘pistachi’ who also got it in preflop with {ac}{7c} against eventual champion ‘Refl0w’ {Ad}{tc}. ‘Refl0w’ would make a flush to send ‘pistachi’ to the rail with a $33 APCOOP ticket for his troubles.

‘BOYDOX’ also took home a $33 APCOOP ticket after getting outraced with {Ac}{6h} against ‘OMGBasic’ with {js}{ts}. The flop paired {8d}[8c}{7d} before a {Jh} spiked on the turn. The river {Tc} further improved the hand of ‘OMGBasic’ and sent ‘BOYDOX’ out.

‘OMGBasic’ would take care of the seventh placed finisher as well. ‘rcat1951’ would be the man to go. The Brisbane based ‘rcat1951’ got all in with {Ac}{th} and found himself up against ‘OMGBasic’ with {5h}{5s}. The {2d}{4d}{7s} flop missed both players, but ‘rcat1951’ spiked a {tc} on the turn to put himself in front. However it was only momentarily because ‘OMGBasic’ spiked a {5d} to ship the re-suck and end the run of ‘rcat1951’ with a $33 APCOOP ticket.

Six-handed play would end with ‘caholzl’ earning the same ticket after being bounced out of the tourney by ‘x wheats x’. It was the classic ace-king against a pocket pair situation with ‘x wheats x’ holding the pocket {Td}{td}. The pair would hold with the board missing both players. The 119,000 chip pot would put ‘x wheats x’ out in front.

‘Refl0w’ would move up to the front to join ‘x wheats x’ after seeing off the fifth place finisher ‘OMGBasic’. Refl0w’s {Ac}{Td} found a mate on the {th}{kc}{3c} flop to outdraw the {9d}{9c} that ‘OMGBasic’ was holding.

Four handed play was the most extended period without an elimination and at one stage the remaining four players sat basically equal in chip counts. ‘Refl0w’ and ‘x wheats x’ were pushing the action the most as both enjoyed a rollercoaster ride in the chip counts.

‘x wheats x’ pushed his luck one too many times before being eliminated in fourth by ‘Refl0w’. After taking a sizeable hit to his stack a few hands earlier, ‘x wheats x’ put it in with {4c}{Ah} and found himself trailing the {9h}{9d} of ‘Refl0w’. The flop paired fives and bricked off to send ‘x wheats x’ home with the minor prize of a $33 APCOOP seat.

The only elimination of the final table that had a flop before a player was all in came with ‘Sedda’ finishing in third. ‘Sedda’ opened to 15,000 from the button with ‘6689Col’ getting out of the way and ‘Refl0w’ opting to make the call from the big blind. The {As}{7c}{6c} flop had a bit for both players and fireworks ensued. ‘Sedda’ led the action with a bet of 10,000 chips, ‘Refl0w’ raised to 25,000 and ‘Sedda’ responded by moving all in for 85,902 total. ‘Refl0w’ made the call with {Ah}{jc} and would have to dodge Sedda’s {Ac}{2c} flush draw to take a stranglehold on the tournament. The {9s} turn and {Qd} were just what ‘Refl0w’ required to see off another opponent and sit on the verge of a spot in the APCOOP Main Event.

Coming into Heads Up:

Seat 6: Refl0w (377,670 in chips)
Seat 10: 6689Col (87,330 in chips)

After some back and forward between the players ‘6689Col’ opened to 18,000 and ‘Refl0w’ called moving to the {Ah}{4s}{Td} flop. ‘Refl0w’ check-called a 12,000 chip bet from his opponent to see the {8d} turn. Both players checked and the {6h} fell on the river with ‘Refl0w’ betting 26,000 and ‘6689Col’ opted to call despite leaving only 33,130 in chips behind. That would be ‘6689Col’’s stack at the end of the hand, after he mucked when ‘Refl0w’ showed {8h}{Jh} for a pair of Eights to add the 113,200 chip pot to his stack.

‘6689Col’ would need to make a quick move to get back into the tournament and he decided to make a stand with {9s}{3s} against ‘Refl0w’ with {Kh}{Qs}. A King on the turn was all that was required to secure ‘Refl0w’ a seat into the APCOOP Main Event, with ‘6689Col’ taking home a $33 APCOOP ticket like his eight other final table compatriots.

The minor prize winners can choose to use their ticket for Thursday Night’s Six Handed No Limit Hold’em event, Friday’s Single Rebuy and Add-On Hold’em or Sunday Afternoon’s $33 Single Rebuy and Add-On Pot Limit Omaha. The Main Event will also run on Sunday at 6pm AEDST. There is also a host of other events running throughout the week and you can check out the full APCOOP schedule here.

At the same time as the freeroll event, PokerStars hosted Event #4 of the APCOOP. 616 players came to the felt for the $33 buyin No Limit Hold’em Tournament creating a prizepool of $18,480, well surpassing the $10,000 guarantee.

The field was dominated by Australian players, but Bryan Huang also made an appearance representing PokerStars Team Asia. 81 players got a slice of the money with Duncan "Houndboy" McKinnon finishing 63rd for $64, one spot ahead of Tim "tRaMSt0p" Duckworth, while PokerNetworker ‘Ms Monaro’ getting 16th for $138. Lasting the distance was ‘kbp00’ who took down $3,474 for his win.

It was yet another long night for low pay for most in the field though with the tournament running twelve and a half hours and finishing up as most of the office workers were heading off to work for the day. The Aussie-dominated fields may prove food for thought when PokerStars when they plan their next round of regional online poker championships.

APCOOP Event 4: $33 NLHE
Buy-in: $33
Entrants: 616
Prizepool: $18,480

1st – kbp00 ($3,474.35)
2nd – JFB42 ($2,531.76)
3rd – pam7 ($1,866.48)
4th – whiz kid_02 ($1,404.48)
5th – kwijibo_666 ($986.83)
6th – K-FORTUNE.A ($785.40)
7th – junky888 ($600.60)
8th – voltastyllo ($415.80)
9th – EvDogg6969 ($277.20)

If you are keen to get involved in the Asia Pacific’s first regional online poker championship, but do not already have an account at PokerStars, why not take advantage of PokerNetwork’s 100% up to $600 at PokerStars. Simply download PokerStars through PokerNetwork and use the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 to claim your exclusive deposit bonus, as well as invites to exclusive freerolls every month like the one that ‘Refl0w’ just took down!

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Refl0w collected a APCOOP Main Event ticket by winning last night's exclusive PokerNetwork APCOOP freeroll Refl0w collected a APCOOP Main Event ticket by winning last night's exclusive PokerNetwork APCOOP freeroll

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