Repechage Time at Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

Posted at 21:19 2010-12-03

Today saw 140 players head to the Crown Poker Room for the second flight of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event. For some, it was their first attempt at the Main Event, but for others they were returning to take advantage of the repechage format and ponied up another $550 for their shot at Australian poker glory.

Once again the locals were out in force as the Day 1b field included the likes of Andrew Demetriou, Shoshiro Karita, Vincent Wan, Julius Colman, Michael Spilkin, Peter Aristidou, Ben Savage, David Gorr, Haibo Chu, Karib Karib, Bruno Portaro, Michael Guttman, Nobbi Tanaka, Michael Pedley, Billy Jordanou and previous JHDSS champ Amanda De Cesare.

Once again the players enjoyed a 20,000-chip start bank and forty-minute levels to provide a true championship structure for a budget buy-in. Of course, the blinds must go up, and when they did, the players started to drop away. Some tasted elimination for the second time in this tournament, and will have to dig deep to fire a third repechage bullet tomorrow.

However safely through to Day 2 is today’s chip leader in Ali Kublay who got through ten levels of play with a massive 148,400 in chips as 53 players survived the day. Stuart Kerr (136,600), Justin Ayoub (116,000), Brian Furness (115,800) and Billy Jordanou (105,000) round out the top five, while tournament regulars Adam Monaghan (91,800), Nick Haidaris (80,100) Andrew Demetriou (78,400), Jie Gao (73,500), Mario Doria (54,800), Shoshiro Karita (54,000), Julius Colman (50,800), Antonio Casale (48,000), Karib Karib (27,900), David Gorr (17,300) and previous champion Amanda De Cesare (17,200) all surviving.

Top Ten Chip Counts

Ali Kublay - 148,400
Stuart Kerr - 136,600
Justin Ayoub - 116,000
Brian Furness - 115,800
Billy Jordanou - 105,000
Ilario Caudallaro - 105,000
Vince Sinni - 96,700
Yibo Sun - 94,800
Jarryd Newall - 93,700
Adam Monaghan - 91,800

Players will have one third and final opportunity at the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Main Event with Day 1c set to kick off tomorrow in the Crown Poker Room at 12:10pm. PokerNetwork will be hard at work on the tournament floor to bring you all of the live updates as the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event continues.

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Tomorrow is your last chance to enter the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Tomorrow is your last chance to enter the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

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