Rickie Vedhara Takes Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Title to the UK

Posted at 00:44 2010-12-07

After four long days and over four hours of final table action, we now have a Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 5 Main Event Champion!

No less than 608 players have taken to the tables over the last few days, each dishing out the required $550 to take their shot at a victory.

The event was a repechage event, with players able to buy-in on each of the three day one flights offered over the weekend. Those who utilized the rebuys and gambled on each of the day ones included Bruno Portaro, Michael Pedley and Jim Sachinidis.

Once the ability to repechage was all said and done, only 218 players would come back for day two action and have their chance at a share of the $304,000 prizepool.

Those who bit the dust early on day 2, included Michael Spilkin, David Gorr and previous JHDSS champion Amanda De Cesare. Some players who managed to slide into the money, with cash prizes on offer to 54 players, included Andrew Topakas (46th - $1,000), Peter Saward (33rd - $1,500) and Billy Jordanou (19th - $2,000).

The play would go on for 12 solid hours on day two, before the final ten players were reached. The final table would be played the next day, giving players time to rest and contemplate how they were going to go about taking home the $73,500 first place prize.

Coming into the final table, Rickie Vedhara (2,675,000) was the man with the chips, but Roman Priplotski (2,135,000) and Martin Meehan (2,015,000) were hot on his heels. The rest of the field were pretty even, except Nicholas Ziogos (275,000) needed to do some work and Crown Casino regulars Sandra Propper (595,000) and Michael Marcos (640,000) weren’t too much better off.

The first sent to the rail was Sandra Propper, holding {Th}{Tc}, the last lady standing ran into Joseph Cristallo’s {kh}{kd} and received no help on a {8h}{ah}{5s}{9h}{ks} board and was sent home $3,800 richer.

It took almost an hour before another player was eliminated and this time it was short stack, Nicholas Ziogas who met his demise. Doing all he could with his stack, Ziogos moved all-in holding {ad}{as}, with Michael Marcos holding {ac}{kc} and Cristallo holding {qd}{qc} and both making the call. A triple-up was not meant to be for Ziogas and as a club flush for Marcos send Ziogos home in 9th place for a $4,900 score.

With the blinds starting to gobble up players’ stacks, they began to fall in quick succession, with Mahammad Yassin (8th - $6,300), John Broukoumis (7th - $8,600) and Martin Meehan (6th - $11,500) each hitting the rail within half an hour of each other.

Joseph Cristallowas the next player eliminated, sent home in 5th place when he ran into the {kc}{kd} of Priplotski, holding {ah}{tc} on a {2s}{Ts}{2h} flop. Cristallo didn’t get any help on the turn or river and received $16,200 for his efforts.

Next home was Paul Bennett, eliminated in 4th place, for $22,500, after getting it in on a {Ts}{8c}{6h} flop, holding {Tc}{5h} against Michael Marcos’ {7c}{7h}. The {7d} on the turn would nail Bennett’s coffin and home he would go.

Three players remained, with Michael Marcos older than the combined ages of his two competitors in Roman Priplotski and Rickie Vedhara.

Vedhara and Priplotski each played a role in Marcos’ demise, with Marcos being crippled when he ran into Vedhara’s {as}{ah}.  Just a few hands after that crippling hand, Priplotski got help holding {js}{6c} against an all-in Marcos holding {as}{9s}, when the board ran out {Td}{6d}{jh}{8d}{8s}.

After less than three hours of play, heads-up action was about to begin. The players in question, Rickie Vedhara, a United Kingdom player, simply here on holiday and Roman Priplotski who is now aiming to stamp his mark on the live circuit after taking home a WCOOP bracelet earlier this year, playing under the name ‘ROMES_HOME’.

Roman Priplotski - 6,750,000
Rickie Vedhara - 5,410,000

With the stacks relatively even, it was Vedhara who flew out of the blocks early, firing away with some check-raises and slowly gaining a 4-1 chip lead.

With momentum well and truly in Vedhara’s favour and with the dominating chip lead, Priplotski was in the big blind when he called Vedharas all-in shove. Priplotski had some catching up to do if he was going to survive, holding {Td}{qs} against Vedhara’s {kc}{5h}. with the board reading {3s}{ks}{ad}{5s}, Vedhara would have to dodge any spade or jack to take home the victory. The river fell the {9h} and Priplotski was sent home in 2nd place, earning himself a $48,000 payday, a handy addition to the 18-year old’s resume.

Rickie Vedhara now becomes the first International champion of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series, joining the likes of previous Australian champions Sam Welch, Luke Santo, Daniel Botta and Amanda De Cesare.

Vedhara told PokerNetwork that he needed to be at the airport in two hours after the tournament wrapped to take a midnight flight home to the UK. He will be getting on the plane with some good memories of his trip to Melbourne and $73,500 richer, of course.


  1. Rickie Vedhara - $73,500
  2. Roman Priplotski - $48,000
  3. Michael Marcos - $30,700
  4. Paul Bennett - $22,500
  5. Joseph Cristallo - $16,200
  6. Martin Meehan - $11,500
  7. John Broukoumis - $8,600
  8. Mahammad Yassin - $6,300
  9. Nicholas Ziogos - $4,900
  10.  Sandra Propper - $3,800

Congratulations to Rickie Vedhara for his well-played tournament from all the team at PokerNetwork!

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Rickie Vedhara Wins the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event! Rickie Vedhara Wins the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event!

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