Road to 100 Billion Hands: PokerStars to hit 60 Billion

Posted at 04:07 2011-03-27

As far as online poker rooms go, PokerStars has been around for quite some time, as highlighted by the fact that they are slowly approaching their 100 billionth hands dealt. So is PokerStars just going to let this historic occasion go unnoticed? Of course not! In fact, they are going to recognize every milestone leading up to the 100 billionth hand with a fantastic promotion.

With PokerStars currently approaching their 60 billionth hand, they’ll be giving out big rewards for every millionth hand that’s dealt leading up to hand number 60 billion. That sounds like a lot of zeroes, but all you need to do to win a prize is be sitting at the table where a millionth milestone hand is dealt. If you’re dealt into a millionth hand, you could potentially win thousands of dollars just for playing at this time. If you happen to be sitting at the table where the 60 billionth hand is dealt, you could win $60,000!

Currently, PokerStars is at hand number 59,843,820,561 which means there are a lot of millionth hand prizes still left to be won. Of course, there is also the 60 billionth hand prize left as well.

The great thing about this promotion is that anybody at any stakes can be a big winner. Of course, there is one factor that separates the prize winners, and that’s the number of VIP points you earn in the cash game session where a millionth hand is dealt. So a micro stakes player with 0.5 VIP points in a session is going to earn a lot less than a high stakes player who earns 500 points in a session.

Remember, all you have to do to participate in this promotion is play at PokerStars’ real money tables. Once the game has started, just sit back and hope you’re one of the hundreds of players who win big with this promotion.

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the Road to 100 billion hands starts at 60 billion on PokerStars the Road to 100 billion hands starts at 60 billion on PokerStars

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