RSA Security Tool Means Added Protection For PokerStars Players

Posted at 17:40 2009-08-13
As governments around the world step up the fight against terrorism through fantastically titled departments such as “Homeland Security”, PokerStars the world's largest poker site, has raised the stakes on the equally important issue of “online security” by protecting their players from fraudulent activity with an all new unique security device that you can use to protect the money in your account.
The RSA Security Token is a security revelation in the online poker world. It is a small device that can be attached to a key ring or placed anywhere that you feel is safe. This wonderful piece of technology works by randomly generating and displaying a six-digit number that changes every minute and forms part of a new and more secure log in process.
Now if you are like me and know next to nothing of the intricate workings of fraudsters, this might seem like overkill. However some research for this article showed me how easily those of ill repute can access your account by ‘key logging’. The RSA Security Token helps combat this sinister activity by requiring anyone accessing their account to have the token physically with them. Whilst this is brand new to the poker industry, the technology is already in action throughout many corporate, government and military installations such as banks. PokerStars is one of the first gaming sites in the world to offer its members such enhanced security.
A PokerStars security spokesperson said, “Helping players protect their accounts is a top priority for PokerStars and we are always looking at ways to improve security. The RSA token provides a super-strong defense against unauthorized access by upgrading account security to a ‘two factor authentication’ process – the player’s unique password plus the unique number generated by the token. It’s a cutting edge security solution that enables us to provide players with unrivalled security and peace of mind.”
The company who develops the tool, aptly named RSA, is one of the largest and most trusted security companies in the world today. They provide expert security solutions to many leading companies over the world expanding over several different industries. PokerStars is one of the first poker sites to embrace this technology. Players can purchase the token at cost price via the PokerStars online VIP store.
The RSA token is just the latest in a cavalcade of measures introduced by PokerStars to increase security for its players. Players now can put their mind at ease with the use of an RSA token as well as the all new PokerStars PIN service. The PIN is a six-digit number that is issued by PokerStars and is used in conjunction with a player’s normal password. Once a PokerStars PIN is set for an account, individuals are required to enter the PIN by clicking an on-screen keypad. The numbers change position each time a player logs in, helping to prevent key loggers from recording where a player clicks and what buttons are pressed.
With all of these fantastic security measures in place players can take comfort in knowing the only way you can lose your money on PokerStars is at the tables!

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PokerStars RSA Security Token PokerStars RSA Security Token

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