"Rumble In The Rio" - Hot Women + Fighting = Awesome Entertainment!

Posted at 06:26 2009-06-26
There have been few days that have changed the world’s landscape. A few that spring to mind are the Hiroshima Bomb at the end of the Pacific War, the infamous 9/11 terror attacks and of course that fateful day in 2005 when Joe Hachem flopped a straight to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. Well now all you history buffs, horn bags and poker fanatics alike have a new day that you can pencil into your diary. July 1st. What is so special I hear you ask, well, in a first for the poker world we will be seeing one of the most awesome spectacles that the world has to offer... girl-on-girl boxing!
Coming to you on that day from nearby the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino we will see one of poker’s vixens Liv Boeree heading up against the plucky young filly from the PokerNews video reporting stable Melissa Castello. As we look through the tale of the tape we can see that Castello is the smaller of the two opponents at 5 foot 2 compared to her opponents 5 foot 5 but when we look at important facts such as chest size we see that Castello will be dominating the ring with her 32 inch chest which is just slightly perkier than Boeree’s 31.5 inch hush puppies. It all kicks off on July 1 at 1:00pm Las Vegas time and it will be happening at the gym of MMA legend Wanderlei Silva which is just a stone’s throw away from the Rio.
The fight is scheduled for 3 three-minute rounds and apparently is in the name of charity. The winner of these two light flyweights will score $1,000 to be donated to the charity of their choice. As a token the loser will also get $500 bucks to give to their charity however it is unsure whether the losers charity will accept the money because well... who wants to get money from a loser?
The official weigh-in ceremony for the event took place on Tuesday, June 23rd, at 4pm, in the main hallway in the Rio Convention Center nearest the Amazon Room.
The ‘Rumble In The Rio’ has all the hallmarks of a Don King epic battle royale. Not only will Boeree v. Castello be presented in its entirety on PokerNews.com, Wednesday, July 1st, but PokerRoad Radio will be airing a special ringside live show starting at 1:00 p.m. the day of the fight.
So who will win? Who will lose? Who cares! They are girls and they are beating the crap out of each other! Better yet it is for charity so it is a good cause so we can all watch it and feel like we are fine upstanding members of the community. It promises to be great. I just hope somebody remembers to bring the jelly!


Here a sample of what lays ahead for you on July 1st...



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Rumble In The Rio! Rumble In The Rio!

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