Ryan Hong Leads As Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event Reaches Final Table

Posted at 11:15 2012-05-14 by Matthew Pitt

The final table has been set in the Melbourne Poker Championships and what a finale it has the potential to be. The player who will started the day as the overall chip leader and therefore favourite to walk away with the $95,000 first place prize, is Ryan Hong who bagged up 2,146,000 chips at the end of Day 2.

Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event Final Table

Seat 1Jackie Glazier1,159,000
Seat 2Liwei Han835,000
Seat 3Ismail Ismail333,000
Seat 4Ryan Hong2,146,000
Seat 5Stelios Yenofkian576,000
Seat 6Nishi Gamage790,000
Seat 7Paul Schembri439,000
Seat 8Simon Moshi1,230,000
Seat 9Sherrie Gelberg740,000
Seat 10Simon Kidson408,000

Yesterday 149 players returned to the Crown Casino, Melbourne, and 113 of them walked away empty handed, nothing but memories and bad beat stories to show for their efforts. But one player finished in the worst position possible – exactly on the bubble – Phil Siddell.

In the hand Liwei Han opened the betting with a standard raise and when the action folded to Siddell he three-bet with what turned out to be {A-Clubs}{K-Spades}. Unfortunately for Siddell, Han was sat there with a pair of red kings and was going absolutely nowhere; in fact he moved all-in and Siddell instantly called. The board ran out {10-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{5-Spades}{3-Spades} bursting the bubble and guaranteeing everyone else still in the tournament a pay out of at least $2,500.

That pay day gradually grew in size as the field did the opposite and the number of players still with chips in front of them were being whittled away. Now, with just 10 players remaining in this year's Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event the minimum payout stands at $7,000.

Hong will start the final table, which commences at around 14:20 local time, with a commanding chip lead – in fact his stack is almost twice the size of any of his opponents. That said, this tournament is far from a forgone conclusion because the likes of Jackie Glazier, who re-entered into this tournament twice, is still in this competition and is vying for glory.

Melbourne Poker Championships Final Table Payouts


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Ryan Hong in action at the Aussie Millions Ryan Hong in action at the Aussie Millions

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