Sam Trickett Wins Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

Posted at 00:56 2011-01-24

Sam Trickett has overcome fellow Englishman Tony Bloom to take down the title at the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge. Trickett was in, and around, the lead for most of the tournament, as he rumbled towards taking down $1,525,000 in prize money in the biggest ever $100,000 buy-in event hosted at Crown Casino.

Trickett would be involved early, and often, after mixing it up against David Steicke to kick the final table off with a bang. Trickett took down a 200,000-chip pot showing a turned flush {Kc}{Tc} on a {9c}{4c}{2s}{jc}{Qh} board. Steicke mucked and it would be a good start for the overnight leader who had managed to catch an early break.

Trickett’s compatriot Tony Bloom would begin his run back from the brink after eliminating Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson. Ferguson had been by far the shortest stack coming into the final table and he shipped it in preflop with {Ah}{8c} to find himself in horrible shape against Bloom’s {As}{jc}. The {10h}{9s}{Ad}{4c}{2d} community cards changed nothing, sending Ferguson out of the tournament in eighth.

In what many Australians would relate to a horrible feeling of déjà vu, the two Englishman set up camp in the tournament proving the most willing to move chips and they reaped the benefits. After running over most of the other players at the table they decided to tangle with each other and Bloom would come out on top moving up to join Trickett in the lead of the tournament.

Bloom opened the hand with a raise to 25,000 and both of the blinds called. A {Tc}{Td}{6c} flop prevailed with Trickett and James Obst opting to check the action to Bloom who continuation bet to 45,000. Trickett pulled out a check-raise and Obst folded. That left Bloom to make the call for another 45,000 and he did, with a {Qc} hitting the turn. Trickett was now in the driver’s seat and bet 135,000 and after using up most of his allotted time to act Bloom decided to move all in. Trickett decided to also use some of his time before making the call. Bloom showed down {Jc}{9c} for a flush, bigger than Trickett’s {8c}{7c}. The river was a useless {Ah}.

The bubble would burst with the elimination of Jeff Lisandro. Preflop David Steicke had opened the action with {As}{Ad} and Lisandro flat called from the big blind with {Th}{Ts}. A {kd}{3d}{3c} flop saw Lisandro move all in and Steicke made a quick call to leave his fellow Australian in trouble. There would be no help for Lisandro who would exit the tournament empty handed.

Bloom and Trickett continued to play a lot of lot pots, but they were soon joined by James Obst who started to make some moves. First, taking a decent pot off David Benyamine, before winning some chips off both of the chip leaders. He would soon move up to 800,000 in chips and looked within striking distance of the lead.

However Sam Trickett would add to his stack via the elimination of David Benyamine. The chips went in preflop with Trickett’s {Ah}{Qh} in a comfortable position against Benyamine’s {Ad}{Jh}. It would stay that way with Benyamine bounced to the rail with $150,000 for his sixth place finish.

Obst then tried to keep pace by eliminating David Steicke, only to have his target double up. Steicke four-bet shoved {Ks}{Ts} and Obst had none of it, making the call with {9h}{9s}. Unfortunately for the online player, Steicke caught a {Tc} on the flop to take the lead and the pot after the turn and river blanked. It would send Obst sprawling back into last place out of the five remaining players after his stack was halved.

There would be no recovery for him either. Obst would be eliminated in fifth for $200,000. Obst tried a bit of Steicke magic by moving in with {Kh}{Ts} only to fall against Tony Bloom’s {Jc}{jh}. Bloom would use his new found chips to grab some momentum and he would soon find himself as the chip leader after Trickett slipped.

Trickett would drop out of the chip lead with a cruel twist of fate against Erik Seidel. A {3s}{2h}{8s} flop saw all of Seidel’s chips go in with {Ks}{Ts} up against Trickett’s {Qc}{Qh}. The turn {Ac} dodged the flush, but the {Qs} on the river that improved Trickett to a set, also improved Seidel to a winning flush. That would move Seidel up to join Bloom in the chip lead, with Steicke and Trickett battling to stave off elimination.

The end would come for Steicke first. Up against Erik Seidel, Steicke moved in with {Kc}{4c} on a board reading {Jd}{5d}{2h}{4d}. After looking set to fold Seidel instead opted to call with {5s}{3c}. It would prove a good call, with the river blanking off to send the last remaining Aussie hope out of the tournament with $325,000 for fourth.

Trickett opened up three handed and doubled through Tony Bloom to work his way back into the tournament and looked set to at least capture second, before Bloom caught a runner-runner straight against Erik Seidel. Before the hand, Bloom had been getting shortish and the remainder of his 343,000 chips went in preflop with {Tc}{8c} only to run into Seidel’s {Kh}{Qc}. The {As}{Jc}{5d} flop changed nothing, but the turn {9c} gave Bloom a lot of outs going to the river. He promptly caught one of those with the {7d} hitting the river.

The three remaining players took turns to lead the tournament, before Erik Seidel finally submitted in third place to set an all-England heads up battle. Seidel and Bloom took a {jd}{9c}{3d} flop with both players catching top pair. Seidel chose to check-raise all in and found his {jh}{8h} outkicked by the {Ad}{js} that Bloom held. The turn and river bricked off to eliminate Seidel. He would take home $625,000 for his efforts.

Despite eliminating Seidel, Bloom would still find himself at a 2,455,000 to 1,345,000 chip disadvantage as the players entered heads up. He would do his best to chip away at the deficit, but in the end Trickett would prove too slick.

The final hand of the tournament begun with Trickett making his standard opening raise, before Bloom moved back all in over the top for around 655,000 in chips. Trickett made a very quick call and slapped {Ah}{kd} onto the table, while Bloom was left to roll over his {Qd}{9d}. {8h}{3c}{2c} was the flop, before the turn {8c} and river {4c} ensured that Sam Trickett would take down the 2011 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge and the $1,525,000 in prize money for the win.

For his part Tony Bloom will have to console himself with $975,000 and yet another second place finish in the event after he was runner up to David Steicke back in 2009.

Final Results:

1st Sam Trickett - $1,525,000
2nd Tony Bloom - $975,000
3rd Erik Seidel - $625,000
4th David Steicke - $325,000
5th James Obst - $200,000
6th David Benyamine - $150,000

Focus now shifts to the Main Event of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship which ran through Day 1A while this event was finishing up. Be sure to follow all of the action live at PokerNews and check back in daily at PokerNetwork for recaps from each tournament.

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Sam Trickett - winner of the 2011 Aussie Millions $100,000 challenge Sam Trickett - winner of the 2011 Aussie Millions $100,000 challenge

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