Sam Welch Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 4 Main Event!

Posted at 22:52 2010-04-05

After five days of gruelling tournament poker, we have finally concluded the fourth instalment of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series with Sam Welch being crowned champion of the Main Event!

Today saw just ten players return to the Crown Poker Room after the initial 784 players had been whittled down over three day ones and a long day two that saw 72 players – including two on the bubble – walk home with some extra padding in their wallet as a reward for their tournament efforts.

Englishman Joe Pascoe headlined the final table holding a monstrous 3,790,000 in chips which was nearly double his nearest rival. Although there were a few relative short-stacks the final table was fairly evenly poised as the first hand was dealt just after the clock struck 2:00pm.

Ten minutes into the final table we lost Michael Bouskila when he check-raised all in on a {Kc}{Th}{2c} flop holding {Kh}{Qh} against Pascoe’s {Ks}{Qc}. Unfortunately for Bouskila, the board would hit running clubs to send him out the door $4,500 richer. Just a few hands later we would lost the short-stack Michael Mifsud when his {Ah}{7c} was unable to stay ahead of Sam Welch’s {Kc}{Jd} to be bundled out in 9th for a $6,000 collect.

On the very next hand high-stakes cash game player Michael Spilkin was unable to win a race holding {Ad}{Jh} against Konrad Janica’s snowmen to exit in 8th place. Unfortunately for Janica he would fall a few hands later. Opening for 325,000 from the button, Janica found a caller for an additional 225,000 from the big blind by Sam Welch to see a {As}{5h}{Ad} flop fall. Janica fired out a continuation bet of 550,000 only to be check-raised by Welch to 1,500,000. Janica moved all in for a further 1,165,000 and Welch called tabling his {Ac}{6h} to be in great shape against Janica’s {Td}{Tc}, and when the turn and river blanked, Janica fell in 7th place for a $11,000 payday as Welch took control of the final table with over 40% of the chips in play.

Alex Kostic was unable to gain any momentum during the final table and eventually was forced to commit his short-stack with just {kd}{9h} against an opponent’s Jacks. No help on the board saw him leave in 6th place, earning himself $14,500 in the process. Esan Tabrizi then gained some chips to challenge Sam Welch when he found a huge double holding Queens against Tens, before local tournament veteran Frank Mizra was straightened out by Welch’s {Qh}{Jd} against his {As}{Tc} to finish in 5th place and a $20,000 collect.

Overnight chip leader Joe Pescoe then called down Sam Welch with {Ah}{4d} on a {5h}{9h}{2s}{9c}{Jd} board to best Welch’s {Kd}{8c} to take back the chip lead before Esan Tabrizi made a straight-flush on the young Englishman and then enjoyed a double up when his {Ad}{Kc} bested Pescoe’s {Kd}{Qd} on a King-high board. Pescoe was then forced to call off the remainder of his chips holding just {Qd}{Tc} against Tabrizi’s {Ah}{4c}. An Ace on the turn ended the one-time chip leader’s run as he bowed out in 4th place collecting $30,000 for his deep run in Melbourne.

Only a few hands later Henry Chan open-shoved blind from the button and was called by Sam Welch. Chan would need some help with his {Qs}{Tc} against Welch’s {Kc}{Jc}, and when the {Kh}{Ts}{3s} flop fell, Chan was left drawing even slimmer. That was until the {Qc} landed on the turn, but with Welch drawing to nineteen outs, the {Jh} would land on the river to send Chan to the rail in 3rd place for a $41,500 payday as play now was heads up after just two hours of final table action.

Esan Tabrizi – 9,500,000
Sam Welch – 6,200,000

Tabrizi flew out of the blocks firing out some check-raises to take a few pots from Welch before he joined in on the tricky trapping play taking 3.5 million chips in one hand on the turn by check-raising all in for his tournament life.

With the momentum well and truly in Welch’s favour both players committed 600,000 preflop to see a {Ah}{5h}{6s} flop fall. Tabrizi made the first move firing out 1,000,000 at the pot before Welch re-raised to 3,000,000 total. With the action now back on Tabrizi he quickly moved all in, and being rather committed, Welch made the call tabling his {8s}{7s} to be drawing live against Tabrizi’s {Jh}{9h}. With all but a million or so of chips in the middle of the pot, the dealer burned and turned the {9d} to push Welch squarely in the lead, and when the river was unable to deliver a heart for Esan Tabrizi he was sent to the rail in 2nd place earning himself $56,000 for his deep run.

Sam Welch now joins the likes of Luke Santo, Daniel Botta and Amanda De Cesare as Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Champions after besting a 784-player strong field to walk away with $80,050 in prizemoney and coveted trophy.

Welch played a fantastic tournament full of great calls, well executed plays, composure and patience as he pushed his way past some of Australia’s most talented tournament players to become Australia’s newest poker champion.

Congratulations to Sam Welch for an excellent tournament from all of the PokerNetwork team, and to continue following the action from the tournament world, make sure to stay locked onto PokerNetwork as we hit the New Zealand Poker Championships in ten days before moving onto the ANZPT Sydney coverage.

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Sam Welch Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 4 Main Event! Sam Welch Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 4 Main Event!

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