Savage Termination at Victorian Championships

Posted at 00:33 2009-08-07
251 players fronted up to the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne for one of the more popular events of the 2009 Victorian Poker Championships. The $340 Terminator event provides plenty of action as players look to gamble to claim the $100 terminator buttons of their opponents.
One again it was another long night as the table was brought back the next day to reach its conclusion. Here’s how they lined up entering the final table:
Lance Patison - 109,000 (6 Buttons)
George Bates - 168,000 (16 Buttons)
John Farley - 66,000 (2 Buttons)
Mark Bradley - 62,000 (1 Button)
Michael Brooks-Reid - 210,000 (6 Buttons)
Angelo Prifti - 77,000 (6 Buttons)
Clifford Lee - 220,000 (7 Buttons)
David Bonadio - 60,000 (4 Buttons)
Ben Savage - 215,000 (4 Buttons)
Yann Pauchon - 70,000 (6 Buttons)
The first hand of the final table saw Angelo Prifti move all in from under the gun holding {As}{Qs}. David Bonadino made the call with {Js}{Jd} and we were off the races. The {Jh} in the window looked ugly for Prifti but the {6s}{9s} that were revealed gave him plenty of outs. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for Prifti and Bonadino doubled through, Prifti was all in from the big blind next hand and his 5-7 offsuit was no match for Mark Bradley’s pocket nines.
David Bonadino may have doubled up first hand but he was also the next eliminated. Michael Brooks-Reid limped from the button and Bonadino bet out half his stack on the K-J-8 flop. Brooks-Reid moved all in and Bonadino made the call holding J-8 for the flopped two pair but Brooks-Reid held {Kd}{8d} for a bigger two pair and Bonadino hit the rail.
Yann Pauchon was the next to go when he got it all in preflop with Q-J against the {Ad}{Qd} of George “The Terminator” Bates. Lance Patison was then out in 7th when he shoved K-J into the pocket kings of John Farley.
It seemed to be a recurring theme, inferior hands pushing into monsters, and Mark Bradley’s elimination was no different when he moved all in with {Qs}{10s} and Cliff Lee was on the button with two red aces.
In the defining hand of the tournament, Ben Savage doubled through Michael Brooks-Reid in a pot worth over 450k. Savage had to come from behind holding {Ac}{Qc} against {As}{Kd} but the lady duly appeared on the river making Savage the new chip leader.
The next major confrontation occurred when George Bates limped in early position, and Cliff Lee completed from the small blind. In the big blind, Ben Savage made it 100,000 more to go and Bates moved all in over the top. Lee got out of the way and Savage made the call for an additional 92,000 holding {Js}{Jc}. Bates had just the one overcard with {As}{9s} and there was no bolt of lightning as he exited in 5th place. He was the best “terminator” of the tournament, personally eliminating an impressive 16 opponents.
Crippled after that major hand against Ben Savage, Michael Brooks-Reid made his last move with K-3 only to have his nemesis call again, this time well in front with K-J. It held up and Brooks-Reid hit the rail.
Cliff Lee’s stack had dwindled dramatically and he was forced to make a stand from the big blind with any two cards, only his two didn’t win him the pot and he finished in 3rd place.
There were five or six hands of heads-up play before John Farley, short stacked, called the all-in button-raise of Savage. Savage held {4d}{4s} while Farley was racing with {Kc}{9s}.  The board ran out all blanks and Ben Savage collected the title and trophy, his first, and a fitting reward after a string of final tables in the past year or so in the Crown Poker Room.
1st Ben Savage - $12,200
2nd John Farley - $8,000
3rd Clifford Lee - $6,000
4th Michael Brooks-Reid - $4,500
5th George Bates - $3,500
6th Mark Bradley - $3,000
7th Lance Patison - $2,500
8th Yann Pauchon - $2,000
9th David Bonadino - $1,500
10th Angelo Prifti - $1,000
The next event on the Victorian Poker Championships calendar is Event #5 $250,000 Guaranteed No Limit Holdem. 215 entrants ventured to the felt for flight 1a with several notables including Jay Kinkade, Jarred Graham, Jonathan Karamalikis, Ben Delaney, Chris Chronis, Sam Youssef, Danny Chevalier and “Toothpick Tony”.
Flight 2 begins at midday tomorrow and remember, you cannot buy directly into the repechage flight unless you have played in one of the first two flights.

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Ben Savage Wins Terminator Event at the Vic Champs! Ben Savage Wins Terminator Event at the Vic Champs!

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