SCOOP Scoops The Online Poker World!

Posted at 14:35 2009-04-07
There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the start of the PokerStars Spring Championships Of Online Poker (SCOOP). Would it work? Did the poker world need another poker series on the calendar? How would the poker community react to the division of the tournaments into three tiers, High, Medium and Low? Would they reach the amazingly high guarantees that they had set and why on Earth would they call it the Spring Championships Of Online Poker when us normal people down here in Australia are quite clearly in Autumn and not even contemplating the existence of Spring!
The Start of the SCOOP would put all of these questions to rest. As a small stakes player I was quite excited about the fact that event number one, a $5.50 rebuy tournament had a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000! I thought surely there is no way that enough people will play to exceed the guarantee of this tournament. I was wrong.
An astonishing 27,134 players signed up for the 1st low stakes SCOOP event, when all was said and done a mind boggling $435,030 was on offer for the players, beating the advertised guarantee an astonishing seven times over. This set a precedent for all of the SCOOP events with so far only one tournament failing to meet its guarantee. The SCOOP has rocketed its way into the poker stratosphere and it is here to stay.
This is truly a universal event with winners coming from all over the poker universe. PokerNetwork players have been up there with the best of them so far we have seen some decent cashes by “dufchips” from Melbourne for over US$5,000 in the $55 rebuy, Tony "Bond18" Dunst also from Melbourne for over $10k in the $535 rebuy, Joel "JD9712" Dodds from the Western Suburbs of Sydney cashed in the $109 five card draw, “mikas_pot” from Melbourne made the second last round in the $16.50 quadruple shootout and scored over US$500 for his efforts, and James "Andy_McLEOD" Obst from Adelaide also made the 2nd last round in the $162 shootout. Obst is used to being the talk of the town in Adelaide however he was upstaged when fellow Adelaide resident “Acesupper” finished 4th in the $1,575 double shootout and scored a very salivating US$14,850. I tried awfully hard to find out who “AceSupper” was before writing this article but I had absolutely no luck, so well done whoever you are and make sure you buy me a drink when I see you!
As you can see there were plenty of Aussies making serious head way in this year’s SCOOP events proving that Australians really are a force to be reckoned with in the online poker world however nobody has had a bigger score then big time Brisbane player Harris "Harris MP" Pavlou. The professional poker player who is known to contribute to the PokerNetwork forum made a huge run in the $2,100 Pot Limit Omaha event to completely dominate the final table. He looked like he would be the winner the whole way but got very unlucky towards the end. Well when I say he got unlucky, he still finished 2nd and picked up a very tidy US$112,000 for his time. Well done!  As we head over the half way mark of the SCOOP series let’s hope that this isn’t the biggest cash that team PokerNetwork produces. Stay tuned to the PokerNetwork News section for all of the latest information from the 2009 PokerStars SCOOP series.

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SCOOP Scoops The Online Poker World! SCOOP Scoops The Online Poker World!

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