Scott Kerr Wins ANZPT Queensland!

Posted at 01:50 2009-08-10
The final stop on the inaugural ANZPT came to a close with the final table of the Queensland Main Event kicking off today!

Joel ‘StrongPlay’ Dodds took the chip lead into the final eight, holding onto 30% of the chips in play, but would be closely followed by both Scott ‘Punty’ Smith and Phillip Willcocks.

Scott Kerr slipped early, as Dodds climbed to over two million courtesy of Lee Fraser’s elimination while Danny Joukhadar found himself in unfamiliar territory as he sat at the bottom of the leaderboard.

With the tournament hitting a stalemate, the rail kicked up with Ricky Kroesen and Ali Khalil leading the charge in support of their friends. However Kroesen’s efforts would be in vain as his poker coach Paul Gibson would be the next to fall in a blind versus blind situation. Danny Joukhadar pushed with {Th}{Tc} and Gibson insta-called with {Kc}{Kd}, however when the flop brought a ten, and no further help for Gibson, he hit the rail in seventh.

Joukhadar’s new found chips wouldn’t remain with him too long as he lost a race holding pocket Jacks to Kerr’s Ace-Queen only a few hands later.

New Zealander Phillip Willcocks took a sizeable pot off Dodds to creep ever so close to the Sydney-sider before eventually relinquishing the lead to Willcocks after he picked up his aggression while knocking out Smith when his {Ah}{Kh} outdrew Smith’s {8d}{8c}.

Shoshiro Karita would fall in fourth when Kerr’s luck continued flopping trips with {Td}{8d} to Karita’s {Ah}{9c} after all the money went in preflop.

After locking up third place in the ANZPT Points race, Dodds would fall in third when his {Qd}{Qc} was out-flopped by Willcocks’ {Jc}{Js} with all 3.8 million chips in the pot going into the middle preflop. Dodds sat there seeing his fate sealed, shrugged his shoulders and exited the tournament to take play heads up.

Fittingly the heads-up duel would be between both a New Zealander and an Australian with both Phillip Willcocks and Scott Kerr also qualifying via PokerStars. Willcocks took a seven-to-two advantage into the duel, but after a few hands it would be cut back by Kerr.

Like a typical Aussie battler, Kerr would continue fighting hard, taking chip after chip from Willcocks, before, in one swift swoop would snatch the lead.
On the final hand, Willcocks would four-bet all in holding {Qs}{Js}, only to be dominated by Kerr’s {Ah}{Qc}, and when he was unable to improve Willcocks collected second as Kerr was crowned ANZPT Queensland Champion!

After arriving at the final table fourth in chips, Kerr saw his stack dwindle extremely low, before making a spirited comeback to see the 21 year-old Star City dealer become $168,075 richer after besting the stellar 249 player field.
1st Scott Kerr $168,075
2nd Phillip Willcocks $112,050
3rd Joel 'StrongPlay' Dodds $62,250
4th Shoshiro Karita $49,800
5th Scott 'Punty' Smith $40,462
6th Danny Joukhadar $31,125
7th Paul Gibson $21,787
8th Lee Fraser $16,496
9th Eric Sclavos $12,450
This completes the inaugural PokerStars.net ANZPT for 2009, but make sure to stay tuned to PokerNetwork for the upcoming review of the whole tour!

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Scott Kerr Wins ANZPT Queensland! Scott Kerr Wins ANZPT Queensland!

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