Sherwell Dominates To Lead Vic Champs Main Event

Posted at 14:02 2009-08-17
Day 2 of the 2009 Victorian Poker Championships saw 140 players return with dreams of reach the final table. But that dream was always a long way away as the quality structure ensured that play was very measured though out the day. So much so, that the bubble didn’t burst until late in the evening when John Clissold was the unfortunate victim of a sick cooler when his {Kd}{Kc} ran into the {Ac}{as} of Jason Gray in a 700k pot to leave 36 players very satisfied.
Many different players took their turn at the top of the tree with Chris Chronis, Jason Gray, Gary Benson and Morry Edelstein all taking their turn to lead the field. However the story of the day was young Kane Sherwell who destroyed the opposition all evening.
It didn’t matter if Sherwell had the best or worst of it he was able to amass a huge stack and finished off the evening with a devastating one outer to Efkan Koch in 16th place as the clock ticked over to 3:30am. On a flop of {7s}{6s}{Kc} Koch had the best of it with {Ks}{Qd} against Sherwell’s {9h}{9d}. The turn brought the {Js} to give Koch a flush draw to leave Sherwell with just one card in the deck to win the pot – the {9c} that landed on the river. What a way to end the day!
Fifteen players will return to the Crown Poker Room at 2pm to play it out until a new champion is crowned. Here’s how they will lineup:
Overnight Chip Counts:
Kane Sherwell - 1,625,000
Morry Edelstein - 1,117,000
Chris Chronis - 1,107,000
Jason Gray - 976,000
Mick Nolton - 840,000
Julian Cohen - 583,000
Dean McIver - 395,000
James Kronos - 372,000
Vito Dalessandri - 354,000
Albert Amato - 280,000
Peter Vratsidis - 271,000
Martin Stewart - 184,000
Matt Rolfe - 177,000
Gary Benson - 98,000
Peng Khoo - 84,000
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Kane Sherwell Leads Vic Champs Main Event Kane Sherwell Leads Vic Champs Main Event

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