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Posted at 12:11 2010-12-19

Back in school there was a teacher who told me, “It’s all about working smarter, not harder”. This piece of wisdom makes so much sense and can be applied almost universally to any activity that you’re engaged in – be it academic pursuits or even poker. It got me thinking why be the small fish on the big online poker sites filled with sharks, when you could be the tiger shark on one of the softer poker sites. I understand that tournament players need to chase the big guarantees across the sites and that depending on how high and what games you want to play cash wise, you may need to play at one of the bigger sites, but for low and even mid-stakes Hold’em and Omaha players, it just doesn’t make sense to be fighting it out at PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker when you could be running the soft games on some of the smaller sites.

So where are the easy dollars to be made you ask? Before you make your next deposit check out some of these sites.

888 Poker
Backed by a bookmaker and online casino and spearheaded by a big money marketing campaign, it is little wonder that 888 Poker is filled with players keen to gamble it up! The fish see Warney duking it on the tables, so they whip out their credit cards and jump straight into your games to become the next poker champion. It’s a thing of beauty! Throw in the fact that 888 has a number of great promotions directly aimed at Australian players including their current 888 Poker Ashes promo, and PokerNetwork can hook you up with a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus for those who download 888 Poker through our links.

888 poker
888poker is the home of spin king Shane Warne and plenty of fish


Party Poker
Another poker site that brings in the new players in numbers is Party Poker. A good percentage of players in the game today got started by watching World Poker Tour on TV, before depositing into Party Poker. While the site has had a lull after withdrawing from the US market, it has teamed up with a reinvigorated World Poker Tour and looks set to be the big recipient of fresh fish if America moves into regulation of online poker. With or without the Americans there are plenty of European fish willing to swear at you in broken English as they spew you big percentages of their bankroll time and time again. PokerNetwork has your invite to the party and it comes with $50 free cash with no deposit required! Or for those looking for a little more bang for their buck then you can take advantage of the 100% up to $500 first deposit bonus when you download Party Poker.

Party Poker
Join the party with TonyG at Party Poker


Titan Poker (iPoker)
I feel like I should enlist the help of Nick ‘nickkaka’ Kakalis here. The dude should be on the payroll at iPoker he touts the network so much. But he has a point, iPoker is ridiculously soft. The network is made up of a number of skins that combine their playing pools into the same games and tournaments, to effectively make a larger site. In something that may astound you, certain skins on iPoker (but not Titan Poker) have made a point of culling profitable players from their membership due to the fact that the rake and deposits generated by weaker players makes more money. The great thing about this is you can be a profitable player at Titan Poker and take potshots at the fish that are playing through the other skins! Throw in a 100% up to $500 welcome bonus when you download Titan Poker and it becomes a very attractive poker site to check out.

Titan Poker
Nickkaka is crushing fools over at Titan Poker on the iPoker Network

Fish love gimmicks. While you want to take their money, they want to press the nice hand button 23 times in a row and see their 3D animated avatar that resembles themselves in stunning detail, make some animated motions! That’s why they are right at home at PKR. It’s why you should be as well. While the sites listed above have pulled their players in using televised advertising or being affiliated with favourable sites, PKR draws them in with the flash. The world’s first 3D poker site promotes itself as a fun place to play and it certainly has the design features to hook in the recreational players. You should jump into the pond over there too and create your own avatar so you can chase the fish. PokerNetwork will even roll your avatar with a lazy 100% up to $800 bonus. Download PKR today so you can see the fish while you fry them!

Nothing beats a gimmick and there's no bigger than 3D graphics at PKR

Those should be more than enough sites to get your roll going the right way. Why take on the best, when you can feed off the weak. Be smart with your game selection and watch your profits grow!

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Pad your bankroll with good game selection at some of the softest online poker sites Pad your bankroll with good game selection at some of the softest online poker sites

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