Still $35,000 of PokerNews Cup Freerolls at Duplicate Poker

Posted at 07:00 2007-08-20 There’s seven $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freerolls still to come at Duplicate Poker, so now is the time to sign up, familiarize yourself with this new game and win your way to the 2007 PokerNews Cup. The age-old debate has raged on whether Texas Holdem (and poker in general) is all about luck or whether skill can play a significant part in one’s success. Whilst the truth may be up for debate, Duplicate Poker has created a modified version of the classic Texas Holdem that increases the influence of skill on the outcome of a game. Duplicate Poker is the name of the game and this online poker room is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance as an alternative to the ever-popular Texas Holdem. Duplicate Poker operates much the same as Texas Holdem, save for a few key differences. First, there are always two or more tables of players and the same number of players is seated at each table. Each hand is identically shuffled and dealt to each table. This means that players sitting in the same seating position at each table receive the same cards. Furthermore, every table sees the same community cards. For every hand, players receive an equal starting chip stack, irrespective of how many chips a player finished with in the previous hand. At the end of each hand a score is generated measuring the net number of chips a player has at the completion of the hand. Finally, a player’s score is generated by comparing their chip score with the chip scores of the other players seated in the same seat position at all the other tables. The player that has the highest comparative positive chip score at the end of the session (a pre-determined number of hands) is the winner. The method and design of Duplicate Poker means that players must think more carefully about their actions, as they are now trying to outmanoeuvre opponents who are playing the same hands. In this manner, almost every hand dealt can be a winner, if it is played well. Best of all, luck is no longer the most prominent factor helping you win. Duplicate Poker and PokerNews have come together to present a total of ten $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freerolls (seven still remain), giving PokerNetwork players the chance to try out this great new style of poker whilst also playing for some major prizes. Each $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freeroll prize package includes entry to the 2007 PokerNews Cup Australia Main Event (valued at AUD$3000), six nights accommodation at the Crown Promenade Hotel and $1500 cash for travel and expenses. Each freeroll winner will also receive membership to Team PokerNews, which entitles them to merchandise and invites to exclusive Team PokerNews parties and events. The PokerNews Cup Australia will take place in Melbourne at the Crown Casino from October 21 to 29 and the Main Event is expected to generate a prizepool in excess of $1,000,000. To get involved in these $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freerolls at Duplicate Poker, players need only download Duplicate Poker through PokerNews and register a new account. After making a deposit, players will be automatically registered for not one, but all remaining Duplicate Poker $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freerolls. The next freeroll will begin at 06:00 AEST on Monday August 27. Players must satisfy all entry requirements at least 24 hours prior to the freeroll, if they wish to participate. Existing Duplicate Poker players who have signed up through PokerNews are also eligible to compete, provided all other entry requirements are met. This is the best time for PokerNetwork players to try out this fresh and interesting variation on the classic Texas Holdem. Exclusive access to the seven remaining $5000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freerolls and a special 100% first deposit bonus up to $100 is waiting for PokerNetwork players now. Upcoming $5000 PokerNews Cup Freerolls at Duplicate Poker Monday August 27, 06:00 AEST Monday September 3, 06:00 AEST Monday September 10, 06:00 AEST Monday September 17, 06:00 AEST Monday September 24, 06:00 AEST Monday October 1, 06:00 AEST Monday October 8, 06:00 AEST

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