Supernova Elite in just 59 days...Easy Does it for Li

Posted at 22:08 2011-03-02

With the year barely two months old, Andrew ‘azntracker’ Li has achieved the first PokerStars Supernova Elite status of 2011 following some gruelling action on the virtual felt.

As players take to online poker, not only are they looking to ship all the biscuits and see their bankrolls soar, but many are out there for the added benefits that reward the time they spend clicking their mouse over and over. From cars to golf clubs, bathrobes to hats, poker chip sets and travel mugs - there is something for everyone out there if they put in the time to earn player points.

However, without doubt the most rewarding VIP system is that of PokerStars and the quest to become a Supernova Elite. Now it’s not as easy as the few thousand points you need for a t-shirt. You’ll need to accumulate 1,000,000 VIP Player Points during the calendar year to obtain the prestigious honour of being one of the few Supernova Elites on the biggest poker site going around.

Now it is clear why you have a whole year to obtain the status – it’s ridiculously hard – but for Andrew ‘azntracker’ Li, he decided to have a crack at beating the record set by George ‘Jorj95’ Lind in 2008 where he took 78 days to claim the honour. Li lowered that mark to just 59 days when he completed his goal on the final day of February.

"This is very reminiscent of the feeling I used to get shortly after finishing a huge exam or project back in college - I would characterize it as 'subdued elation.' I'm not going crazy in jubilation or anything like that, but I am tremendously happy that I was able to accomplish this," stated Li on his blog http://theandrewli.blogspot.com.

All of this coming from a guy that played 50 of the 59 days to achieve his Supernova Elite status with swings in the five-figures and left-mouse clicks totalling 1,172,167! His game of choice? Sit-n-gos, and according to his data, 14,183 of them at an average ROI of 0%.

For Li, he didn’t start out intending to break the record set by Lind, but while grinding as normal, he noticed that Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom and ‘poker_in_pb’ were giving him a run at the top of the leaderboard. For the Washington DC native who had already reached Supernova Elite status on three previous occasions, he kicked into gear and started his quest to best the record.

Li continued in his blog, "I will most definitely relish many things I took for granted in the past. I will relish not having to play every single game that goes off. I will relish not having to play as soon as I wake up pretty much and not ending until after normal peoples' dinnertimes."

So all this grinding must get Li something good right? Well according to the PokerStars.net website and the VIP level overview, he is now entitled to:

·        400% FPP Multiplier
·        Milestone Cash Credits
·        Supernova Elite VIP Store Access
·        Live Event Discounts
·        VIP Stellar Rewards
·        Weekly VIP Tourneys
·        Monthly VIP Tourneys
·        Quarterly VIP Tourney
·        WCOOP Main Event ticket

To join Li as a Supernova Elite, you better get a truckload of Red Bulls and grind away from sunrise to sunset on the virtual felt of PokerStars. However if you are yet to get on the giant site that features 24/7 support, secure deposits, fast cashouts and award-winning software, then make sure to download PokerStars here to take advantage of PokerNetwork’s 100% up to $600 deposit bonus.

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Andrew Li grinding on his way to breaking the Supernova Elite record Andrew Li grinding on his way to breaking the Supernova Elite record

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