Sydney Poker Championships Day 2 - Milan Gurung Leads The Way

Posted at 01:51 2009-09-13
Day 2 of the Sydney Poker Championships started with 106 hopefuls returning to the Star City Casino poker room with sights set on reaching the final table by the day’s end. Young gun Callum Ford led the way, closely followed by Sheldon who was quick out of the gates after making a gutshot straight to eliminate Alex Kostas in the first level of play.
Joining the chip leaders were Graeme Putt who eliminated two opponents with his pocket jacks, while Michael Humphrys climbed to the lead when committed with {Ah}{2h} on a {Kh}{9c}{Jh} flop against Raymond Aoukar’s pocket queens, only to make his flush on the river to send Aoukar to the rail.
Daniel Neilson was able to dispatch of Ali Khalil when Neilson’s pocket jacks were far too good for Khalil’s steal attempt with {Qh}{6c}. It appeared that it might be Neilson’s day but he quickly gave away “Ali’s chips” when his pocket aces were cracked by the {Qc}{Tc} of Robert Dick. It was a ten-high flop and a queen on the river that dented Neilson, and he was eliminated soon after.
Another of Sydney’s favourite sons Eric Assadourian was also a casualty after losing a race with his {as}{Kh} against the pocket tens of Martin Stewart. Eric’s father Assadour fared better, and managed to reach the money stage of the event.
However one who didn’t make the money stage was Andrew Meldrum who received the unfortunate distinction of being crowned “bubble boy”. Falling in 41st place, Meldrum went home empty-handed after he was unlucky with his {As}{Qs} against the {Qd}{Ts} of Peter Apostolou when the board ran out {ah}{8c}{Ks}{Jh}{4s} to give Apostolou a straight and the pot.
Once the bubble burst, the action picked up once again as the short stacks looked to double up or die trying. Overnight chip leader Callum Ford fell in 35th place when his pocket fives couldn’t improve against Nuno da Silva’s pocket tens, while Billy “The Croc” Argyros added yet another major tournament cash to his resume after he fell in 33rd place.
John “JCSydney” Caridad fell to the ladies in 30th place, while the same hand was the undoing of Peter Natoli in 27th place when his {Qs}{Qc} were rivered by the {Ac}{Ks} of Milan Gurung, and also Assadour Assadourian who held {Qc}{Qd} against the {6c}{6h} of Stephen Donlon only to see another six spike on the river to eliminate him in 25th place.
Maria Martinez was the last woman standing and she eventually succumbed in 21st place as her {Ah}{8d} ran into Sheldon’s {Ks}{Kh} with the board running out {8s}{3d}{Qc}{7d}{Tc}.
Graeme Putt fell in 13th place when his pocket sevens ran into Paul Corbett’s pocket aces, and when Chris Gureckis departed in 10th place the final table lineup was set:
Seat 1: Sheldon - 902,000
Seat 2: Milan Gurung - 1,264,000
Seat 3: Jarred Graham - 565,000
Seat 4: Paul Corbett - 724,000
Seat 5: Peter Zabow - 652,000
Seat 6: Stephen Donlon - 946,000
Seat 7: Justin Layden - 434,000
Seat 8: David Rodwell - 404,000
Seat 9: Sam Iannou - 697,000
Milan Gurung will enter the final table with the chip lead as play recommences at 2pm AEST tomorrow.
Meanwhile this evening 29 of Australia’s finest players turned out for the $5,200 PokerNews Australia Magazine High Rollers Event. Warwick Mirzikinian was a dominant force and as play extended into the wee hours of the morning there were still ten players in contention including Grant Levy, Daniel Neilson and Lisa Walsh. With play likely to wrap up once a final table or the money (top 5) is reached, we’ll have full details of the final table tomorrow afternoon on the PokerNetwork Live Reporting pages.


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Milan Gurung Leads the Sydney Poker Championships Main Event Milan Gurung Leads the Sydney Poker Championships Main Event

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