Ted Forrest: Mike Matusow Still Owes More Than 1.7 Million!

Posted at 23:30 2014-09-19 by PokerNetwork Staff

Ted Forrest, who is fairly new to Twitter, sent the following on September 9 in response to something CardPlayer had either written or tweeted:

I'm not sure what numbers Forrest was "correcting," but nevertheless shots had been fired. Mike Matusow didn't respond directly on Twitter — he hasn't tweeted since busting from the World Series of Poker Main Event 71 days ago — rather his older brother Scott got involved, defending Mike and saying that Forrest cheated him on the bet.

The two have gone back and forth for days, and on Tuesday Forrest started retweeting old pictures and statuses from Mike over the past few years, highlighting his successes:

Forrest also claims to have paid Matusow $100,000 after losing a previous bet, and that he will sue "The Mouth" if necessary.

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