Terminator Time at Melbourne Champs

Posted at 12:45 2009-05-22
Day 5 of the 2009 Melbourne Poker Championships brought a couple of fun variations to the usual Texas Holdem grind, with the Crazy Pineapple event in the morning series and then the Terminator event in the evening session.
The morning series was in its final event for the week with 48 players taking a seat at 10am in the $120 Crazy Pineapple tournament. The chips flew as the action was non-stop with the following five players scraping into the money.
1st – Trevor Hyde ($1,512)
2nd – David Sochackyj ($1,080)
3rd – Troy Walker ($756)
4th – Peter Aristidou ($540)
5th – Michael Azimov ($432)
Trevor’s Hyde victory booked him a spot in the final at 10am on Friday. The following ten players have qualified where they will be freerolling for a Main Event seat:
Errol Bamford
Robert Potter
Brett Watson
Mark Bounader
Peter Aristidou
Trevor Hyde
Nathan Kivi
Simon Bismark
Ulfgeir Hansen
David Sochackyj
The sun would set and the Crown Poker Room filled as 235 players turned up for the feature event of the day at 7pm for the $340 Terminator Event.
With every elimination earning a player a nice $100 bonus from the prize pool it was no surprise to see some of the big names start to hit the felt with the likes of Gary Benson, Van Marcus, Julian Powell, Emad Tahtouh and a host of others sitting down to battle it out.
As the evening reach the early morning hours, play was still a long way from reaching a conclusion so it was agreed that the players would return at 4pm the next day for the final table. When the chips were bagged and tagged it was Busra Kasuwan who would hold a narrow chip lead over Peter Mobbs entering the final table.
Final Table Lineup:
Seat 1: Christopher Delleci – 121,000
Seat 2: Corey Lim – 97,000
Seat 3: Greg Heaver – 113,000
Seat 4: Peter Mobbs – 166,000
Seat 5: Jason Smith – 81,000
Seat 6: Sal Ribbera – 160,000
Seat 7: Busra Kasuwan – 167,000
Seat 8: Danny Mountt – 83,000
Seat 9: Haki Sejnovski – 67,000
Seat 10: Leonid Cai – 122,000
Day 6 will also see the commencement of one of the big events of the championships with the opening flight of the $230 No Limit Holdem 100k Guaranteed Event sure to attract a huge field to the Crown Poker Room.

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Terminator Time at Melbourne Champs Terminator Time at Melbourne Champs

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