The $15K Spring Freeroll Series and $5K RakeChase Are Still Running at Titan Poker!

Posted at 20:30 2013-05-23 by PokerNetwork Staff

There are still three $1,000 weekly freerolls remaining in the $15,000 Titan Spring Freeroll Series. And on top of that, Titan's $5,000 RakeChase is taking place in May and June for PokerNews customers.

With three $1,000 weekly freerolls remaining, $3,000 is still up for grabs in the $15,000 Titan Spring Freeroll Series. Every Sunday between now and June 9 a $1,000 freeroll will take place at 19:00 GMT on Titan Poker, with the next freeroll scheduled for May 26. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can qualify simply by making a real-money deposit into your Titan Poker account.

To play in each freeroll after you sign up, you'll need to earn only 100 Titan Points during each of the respective qualification periods and you’ll be qualified—it's that simple! Titan Points are earned at a rate of 15 points per $1 in cash-game rake and 17 points per $1 in tournament fees, so generating 100 of them is a relatively easy task, even for players of micro-stakes games.

PokerNews Weekly $1,000 Freerolls

Tournament nameDateTime (GMT)Qualification PeriodRequirements
PokerNews Spring Freeroll #10May 2619:00May 19-May 25Deposit/100 Titan Points
PokerNews Spring Freeroll #11June 219:00May 26-June 1Deposit/100 Titan Points
PokerNews Spring Freeroll #12June 919:00June 2-June 8Deposit/100 Titan Points

Remember, new and existing customers must make at least one deposit/reload during a qualification period and then earn 100 Titan Points to be eligible for any of the $1,000 freerolls.

In addition, there are also eight more $100 freerolls that will take place at 19:00 GMT between now and May 29. The $100 freerolls have no entry requirements but are open only to players affiliated with PokerNews and its related companies. Players are permitted to make unlimited rebuys costing just $0.10 each during the first four levels, meaning the prize pool could surpass the $100 guarantee!

PokerNews $100 Marathon Freerolls

Tournament NameDateTime (GMT)Type
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #23May 2219:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #24May 2319:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #25May 2419:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #26May 2519:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #27May 2619:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #28May 2719:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #29May 2819:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels
PokerNews Freeroll Marathon #30May 2919:00$0+0.10 unlimited rebuy for first four levels

The Titan Poker $5,000 RakeChase

From now until June 30, PokerNetwork and Titan Poker will give away $5,000 in the insanely popular $5,000 PokerNews RakeChase.

The $5,000 PokerNews RakeChase will award a total of $15,000 in cash and is open to new and existing customers who signed up for their Titan Poker accounts through PokerNews using the appropriate bonus codes. The more rake you generate during May and June, the more chance you have to earn up to a 25% return in prizes!

The May promotional period began at 00:01 GMT on May 1 and will end at 23:59 on May 30, which means you still have time to qualify. The full schedule is shown below, so make sure you keep these dates free for grinding online poker.

Promotion StartPromotion End
May 1 2013, 00:01GMTMay 30 2013, 23:59 GMT
June 1 2013, 00:01GMTJune 30 2013, 23:59 GMT

During the promotion periods, you have to try to generate as much rake as you can. The more rake you generate, the larger the cash prize. Generate $50 in rake or tournament fees and you will win $5 once the promotional period ends. Increase that to $100 and the prize more than doubles to $11!

$5,000 PokerNews RakeChase


Once the promotion period ends, you will be awarded the prize of the highest stage you managed to reach. For example, if you generate $800 in rake, you will win $128 for reaching Stage 5. However, it’s not cumulative, so you wouldn’t win prizes from Stages 1 through 4.

For full details of the $5,000 RakeChase please head to its dedicated landing page where you will also find all the terms and conditions.

Finally, if you are making your first deposit at Titan Poker, do not forget to enter the bonus code "PNETWORK" so that you are eligible for a 200% match (up to $2,000) first-deposit bonus and to ensure that you are able to participate in the Titan Poker $15,000 Spring Freeroll Series.

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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