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Posted at 10:28 2009-11-15
Christchurch Casino has been the home of New Zealand Poker for a long time now. Players often head to the picturesque location on the South Island from all over New Zealand and Australia to play in a range of exciting tournaments. Their upcoming offering is the Christchurch Casino November No Limit Holdem Championships which looks to be a fantastic tournament series.
The event runs for four fantastic days and offers a range of tournaments to suit everybody’s budget.
It kicks off on November 19th with the very well named “PokerNetwork Challenge”. This event has a $275 buy in and sees players start with a 3,500-chip stack with blinds going up every 25 minutes. The action promises to be fast and furious which looks to be a fantastically fun way to start of the tournament series.
The second event is the $550 Bounty Hunter Event. Like all bounty events this is not for the faint-hearted. A portion of each player’s entry will be place “on their head” and will be awarded to the player who eliminates them from the tournament. These tournaments reward aggressive play so sharpen your teeth!
The third event being held at Christchurch Casino over this series is the $550 Shootout Event being held on the 21st of November. Shootouts play a lot more like SNG tourneys so you will have a lot of time to get to know your opponents as you stay on the same table until all are eliminated.
After the preliminary events are out of the way, we have the Main Event on the 22nd of November. Your chance to make the big bucks! The $1,100 Main Event will be a huge tournament with a great field of players producing a salivating prize pool. Players start with a massive 10,000-chip start bank and the 45-minute levels will see the opportunity for some great poker to be played. Antes come in at level four making for some exciting play. This really looks like a well-organised tournament.
All in all it does appear that Christchurch Casino is the place to be between the 19th and 22nd of November as they continue to confirm their place as one of New Zealand’s premiere poker rooms.

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Christchurch Casino No Limit Holdem Championships Christchurch Casino No Limit Holdem Championships

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