The Final Results from the $67,500 PokerNews PokerStars Freeroll Series Are In!

Posted at 09:45 2013-05-29 by Matthew Pitt

The $67,500 PokerNews PokerStars Freeroll Series saw hundreds of PokerNews and PokerNetwork customers take to the PokerStars virtual felt across 12 exclusive $5,000 freerolls. A staggering $60,000 in cash was handed out, with an additional $7,500 being shared among the top 15 performers across the series.

We had hoped to bring you the full results of the leader board sooner, but the series was so closely fought that there were a number of players tied on the same number of points, which meant we had to go through the results of every tied player in order to determine the true leader board.

At the start of this amazing promotion, we set out a number of guidelines in case there were players tied on the same number of points after the 12 freerolls were completed. Those guidelines were:

  • Should two players be tied on the same number of points, the player who had played in the most freerolls would be declared the higher points earner. For example, Player A and player B have 100 points each. Player A has played 12 freerolls, while Player B only played in 10. Therefore, Player A is the winner.
  • Should the players still be tied after this, the player with the most victories would be declared the higher points earner.
  • This process will be repeated for second place, third place, and so on, if required.

PokerNews is pleased to reveal that the winner of the $67,500 PokerNews PokerStars Freeroll Series leaderboard is Portugal's “PTAlves," who wins $1,500! PTAlves missed the first five freerolls but more than made up for lost time in his final seven games. He won the seventh tournament on the schedule and then finished fourth in the Week 9 to accumulate 175 points.

PTAlves was pushed all the way to the end, as “krzychuksu” of Poland and “kras80” of Bulgaria each finished on 135 points. krzychuksu claimed second place after competing in all 12 freerolls, while kras80 was present in 11 of them, only missing out on Week 3’s game.

Here is the leaderboard in full:

10thTomas GrefRussia100$200

A special mention must go to “skiple” of Moldova, “ChipsFool” of the United Kingdom, “tomboy9991” of Finland and “T-Wienen” of Brazil, all of whom ended with 100 points but missed out on prize money due to the criteria used to separate the players tied on equal points.

The $67,500 PokerNews PokerStars Freeroll Series proved extremely popular once again so we would fully expect it to make a return in the near future. If you want to get involved in another value-packed promotion at PokerStars that is exclusive to PokerNews and PokerNetwork players you could always participate in the $30,000 PokerNews Main Event, a special tournament that costs nothing to enter yet has a $30,000 prize pool! Be sure to check out the landing page today!

PokerNetwork would like to thank everyone who competed in the $67,500 PokerNews PokerStars Freeroll Series and made it an extra special promotion. Congratulations to those players who made it into the money, and commiserations to those who did not. We hope to see you again soon at the PokerStars felt.

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