The Friday Flutter: Why Jonathan Duhamel And Korean Women's Basketball Are Great!

Posted at 17:17 2010-11-12

Suppose we should start this week with a little shout out to the greatest Canadian of all time - Jonathan Duhamel. What was that? You think that Sir William Osler achieved more as the father of modern medicine? Get out of here. Winning a donkament against a ton of people is far more important than healing sick people and contributing to society. But we digress, your only as good as your last picks and in that instance we better make some good ones this weekend.

Time for some picks from the PokerNetwork crew.

A-League: Gold Coast United v Sydney (Friday Night) - 8:30pm AEDT

Gold Coast getting plenty of love from the punters tonight riding a ten game unbeaten streak. They haven’t been as strong at home, as they have been on the road, but that said it’s just an anomaly. Sydney may have won last week, but I can’t see Gold Coast dropping this one. We’ll take Gold Coast United to win at $2.15 via our friends at William Hill.


NBL: Sydney v Townsville  (Saturday Night) – 8:00pm AEDT

If you are betting NBL this season, it would be prudent to have a Bwin account. They have the slowest moving NBL odds the vast majority of the time, making for some nice profitable situations. This selection is not quite a steamer, but it does look good all the same. Snap off a slice of the struggling Townsville Crocs to right the ship in Sydney. Back the Crocs straight up for the win at $2.10 at either Bwin or Ladbrokes.


NCAA Football: Houston v Tulsa (Sunday) – Midday AEDT

Bit of a lazy Sunday afternoon gamble on Conference USA Football. The Houston Cougars came into the year with a lot of hope, but that died on the back of future NFL QB Case Keenum’s season ender. That said the Cougs are still looking to get bowl eligible and they face what is sure to be high scoring affair against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane on Sunday. Both teams average scoring 40 points per game and don’t have a lot of defensive stuff to back it up. There’s going to be touchdowns, its just a matter of who is going to score them. The game total is 76, but we’ll back the Houston Cougars to cover the -2.5 in front of their home crowd to get Bowl Eligible and take a strangle hold on their division. You can buy some Cougar action at Party Bets.

So with that we’ll get back to blowing our hard earned WSOP win on the highlight of the sporting world – Korean Women’s Basketball:



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