The Joey Del Experience: 2010, Let’s Get Serious!

Posted at 15:09 2010-01-19

Well 2010 is here!

Some of you may be thinking that it has been here for a while and that maybe instead of being a hack writer who writes about old topics, I should think of fresh new exciting things to talk about. Well you are probably right but still. As a general rule I don’t write too much until I am completely out of the grips of the alcoholic binge that is the New Year period. It is only now that I feel like I can think clearly enough to talk about the finer points of life with you. Considering we are still in January I am pretty impressed with myself but anyway, let’s get on to the meaty part of this article.

So the new year is here, like all good people I hope that you have set some resolutions for 2010 and like all good poker players, I hope that you broke them a couple of weeks ago. As much as we would like to think that we can, in reality poker players are not the most diligent when it comes to doing the right thing. With the advantage of sleeping through the first month of 2010 I am going to share a few of my plans for 2010 with you in the hope that I may inspire you to pursue your dreams this year as well as stopping me when I am so clearly going out of my way to break all of my promises to myself.

Poker - Well let’s start with the most important one first, the great game of poker. If I am going to be honest with myself, poker began to take a bit of a back seat towards the end of 2009. I don’t know exactly why this happened, but I assume it was a combination of many things. I think I would be lying to everyone if I said there wasn’t any run bad involved. Factor that in with an increased writing and comedy schedule, and that I very stupidly decided to get a job, and I found my time was spent more rushing from one appointment to the other than it was check-raising fools at the online poker tables. This was easily one of the biggest mistakes of 2009 for me. We all love and adore poker and we should be playing it as much as is feasible. Due to poor planning I was unable to play anywhere near the amount of poker that was planned last year. I am sure my game has dropped pretty significantly from where I was, which wasn’t even all that high to begin with.

I suppose the lesson I have learnt here is to plan for my poker play. If you find that the weeks are fast becoming months since you have played then it is time to set aside a specific time of the week and say “Yes, I am logging on to Full Tilt” now, or “On Sunday morning I am logging in 3 hours on 888.com”. This type of planning will ensure that you keep your game sharp.

Health/Exercise - This is something that I, like most poker players, avoid like the plague. It is really the exact opposite of what we live for. We live to eat greasy, slimy, beautiful cheeseburgers and to chug down coke like it is water. We are also at our most comfortable when we are sitting at a poker table. Some of the more astute poker players out there have even perfected the art of lying in bed whilst they multi-table Monday morning tournaments. I still can’t do this. For me, if I am anywhere near a bed and the sun isn’t up I am sleeping or thinking about ordering pizza.

I must admit that I would like to get healthier. I think deep down most of us probably do. I think there should be more team work between poker players when it comes to getting healthier. I remember a few months ago on PokerNetwork there was a thread that started up as a bit of a weight loss challenge. I am not sure how people went with it. I know I certainly quit after week 1, but to all the proactive forumites out there...start that up again and demand that I get involved. I need the motivation.

Other Hobbies - This will be something different for everyone here. For me it is my stand up comedy and my writing. I have so much fun doing these two activities and I would like to see them become a little bit more professional for me over the coming year. I think as poker players it is important for us to have other passions in life. Be it writing or some other form of art like playing an instrument. Or maybe you are into the stock market or golf. Maybe you are borderline homosexual and like to collect stamps. Whatever it is you do, I think it is good to have something else besides poker. Before I was whinging about focussing too much on this stuff and not enough on poker, but the reverse of this is true too. It is good to have something that breaks up the monotony of logging thousands and thousands of hands at PartyPoker or some other site. A bit of a break and a refresh is sometimes just what the doctor ordered when it comes to sparking up your game. I have had a good three months off poker which means I should really be in some Zen-like state now that I am starting to play again.

Well there you go. A few ramblings on what I will be doing to try and make 2010 a productive year for me. I hope you find something that makes it work for you. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing about all of your successes in 2010!

- Joey Del

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