The Joey Del Experience: Birthday Review, Playboy Bunnies And Free Money!

Posted at 15:21 2009-07-03
“At least you’re rounding again right? You’ll thank me for that some day.”
One of the most memorable quotes from Rounders.  For those of you that are unsure, these are the last words that we here from “Worm” the degenerate, but completely cool character, that Edward Norton plays in this film just after they have had their heads kicked in and their entire bank roll stolen by the police at a poker game in Binghamton.
Tomorrow, the 4th of July (yes I know it is Independence Day - you are very astute), is my birthday. I always find birthdays to be a great time to look at the past year of your life and to assess your actions over the past 12 months against your long-term life goals. The above saying from “Worm” seems to more or less sum up where I am at the moment.
So let’s take a look, where was I this time a year ago? I was working full time making more than enough money to live off. Whilst I was not really happy with my job (more due to my ability to sit in the one spot for 45 hours per week as opposed to the actual job itself), I was making good money and was building up a great asset portfolio which would lead me to long term financial security for life. The combination of working a full time job and being in a serious long term relationship meant that my poker playing had dropped to an almost non-existent level. The same could have been said about my writing, another passion of mine, which I had more or less done nothing about. This is the problem of living a “normal” life. You don’t really have the time to do anything extraordinary. I realised that I had become the one thing that I had promised myself I never wanted to be, the same as everybody else.
This of course led me to where I am today; during the year I quit my job (at a time when the rest of the world was desperately trying to keep their jobs) and decided that this was the time to have a go. See if I could get myself the dream life that I had always wanted. I started playing poker full time as well as concentrating more on my writing. I figured I had my whole life to be boring and to play it safe. Now was the time to throw the dice and see how the “JoeyDel Story” would turn out.
It has now been about four months since I left my job. Has everything started out the way I wanted it to... HELL NO!! As I said I had not played poker competitively for about a year and the amount the game has changed in this time is unbelievable. To be honest, I blame you - the person reading this at home. You have gotten a lot better! I don’t think that the game is unbeatable because I am very confident in my own abilities, however it has taken me a couple of months just to get used to the style of play these days, and to give me an opportunity to at least get back to a level playing field. This has been a bitter-sweet situation for me. By nature I am very competitive and I love that it is not easy, however, when somebody hits a three outer on you to eliminate you from a tournament for a min-cash, that sucks at the best of times. However when it is your primary source of income, the burn that you feel in these situations is magnified ten-fold. It is at these points that I rummage through the brain for the old motivational sayings that used to keep me going when I was playing competitive sport. You know the “Winning isn’t easy, but then again nothing worthwhile ever is” and the “Success consists of simply getting up one more time than you are knocked down” those kind of quotes that you try and remember as you hold a stiff upper lip and  load up the next tournament.
So as I reflect and I look at my time on this adventure, I can confirm that yes it is not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It gets pretty hard, the lows are low but the highs are dizzying and wonderful. Have I ever thought about quitting and going back to the normal world? I think it is fair to say yes, I am sure most people in my situation have at least pondered this decision. But what I like to do if this thought enters my head is ask myself what would I be doing right now if I was not playing poker? I think about sighing every morning when my alarm goes off. I think about sitting in peak hour traffic on the way to work with the rest of the rat race. I think about the severe pain and boredom that your average 9-5 job entails. I then think of where I am instead, and I am confident that I have made the right choice and that when I write to you on my birthday next year that these premature moments of hesitation will all be long forgotten.
In other news at PokerNetwork we have just entered into an awesome relationship with BetFred Poker (iPoker Network) that gives PokerNetwork members an exclusive monthly $1,000 cash freeroll and an exclusive monthly rake race. This should be pretty juicy as there will not be too many players in them to start with so anybody that plays these and churns through a decent amount of hands per month will be able to pick up some very easy excess cash. Top these off with the fact that BetFred has an initial 100% up to $600 sign up bonus and a monthly $250 reload bonus and I think this could very easily become my site of choice.
As an extra bonus in this month’s $1,000 freeroll, PokerNetwork regular and professional MTT grinder Ben “CNT_CRUSHER” Delaney (ranked 6th in Australia) will be giving a free one hour coaching session to the player that wins the freeroll. I know I will be there and you should too! So click on the Bet Fred link in the paragraph above for more details, it should be a lot of fun!
In this week’s edition of PokerNetwork Radio we have an interview with four time WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro and we also speak to acclaimed novelist and breakfast radio host Paul Birman about raunchy sex stories, playboy bunnes, getting to know Doyle Brunson and getting behind the scenes at the World Series Of Poker. Check it out if you have a chance. I would appreciate the feedback!
Well that is all for now, speak to you soon and have a great week!
- JoeyDel

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Happy Birthday Joey Del! Happy Birthday Joey Del!

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