The Joey Del Experience: Exercise, Pilates and Poker Clarity

Posted at 14:15 2009-09-21
You may remember how a few months ago I mentioned in these articles that I was going to start exercising in a desperate attempt to be one of those healthy, fit, well toned, glamorous people that I often see frolicking around in the sun, playing in the sand, having the time of their life, as I fire hate at them from the safe dark shady spot on the other side of the beach.
As you may or may not have guessed this exercise regime lasted for about 13 minutes. I started off on a half an hour walk (you need to ease yourself into these things) and walked past a McDonalds. I noticed that I was lucky enough to be there as the breakfast menu was still in full flight. This is not something that I am often lucky enough to experience so I dove in and started to feast. Two Sausage and Egg McMuffins, three coffees, four hash browns and about 86 cigarettes later my exercise regime was nothing but a distant memory.
That was a few months ago but I actually received some news a few days ago that has made me get back on the exercise bandwagon (surely this statement makes no sense, if you were exercising why would you need a bandwagon, you would just run?). I am not at liberty to share the news with you at the moment but as soon as I can I will make it known to all.
This time I am four days into my fitness plan and I haven’t died yet which makes me feel pretty confident that I may actually be able to stick with the health kick this time. I have to tell you though, there has been one specific difference that I have noticed which was not expected but is very welcome and that is the benefit this is giving me with my poker play.
Back when I was a fat, lazy sloth (last week). I would basically stay up until I fell asleep, roll out of bed and start playing poker. Now I am going to sleep at a (relatively) civilised time, getting a good night’s sleep and on some occasions even exercising in the morning before I play! I have always heard people say things like ‘Healthy mind Healthy body’ and other such nonsense which I always assumed was just a trick to make us get fit, but it is actually true. The mental clarity I have felt this week whilst playing poker has been something I have not really ever experienced. I feel like I am playing better and am making more correct decisions than I ever thought was possible.
This has been greeted with a fantastic 12-buy in upswing this week on the poker tables. I am sure that this is more credited to run good than it is to being more alert but I am sure the fact that my blood is moving around my body can’t be hurting. We will see what happens.
My secret with exercising has been trying to make it a lot more fun. I am not fit or buffed, so my strategy has been to do entertaining workouts. So when my girlfriend suggested that we take a Pilates class...she was surprised when I eagerly said yes as she has known me for long enough to know that Pilates probably isn’t my thing. She of course was right, Pilates isn’t my thing. It sounds about as stupid and relevant as Yoga. I just thought it would be kind of fun to be one of those hippie kind of guys who was really in touch with their spiritual core, and besides I assumed that there would be like a billion hot chicks in the group and me, so it seemed to make more sense than doing weights with all the really big tough muscular guys!
Well as I said, I did Pilates as I assumed it would be a total joke and hilarious and let me tell you it took me about four minutes to realise that wasn’t going to be the case. It started as plan, the class consisted of me and about 18 hot girls that were all size 8’s at best but when we actually started getting down to it...it was not fun.  I don’t know if you have ever done Pilates or know anything about it. Maybe you are like me and have just been mocking it your whole life and if you have been, STOP!!! This is seriously a lot harder than it looks! Before I knew it I was crying like a little school girl in all sorts or pain. I have a new found respect for people out there who do Pilates, Yoga or any of the other ‘hippie’ exercises.
Well that is it for now. Will this exercise kick keep going or will it die out and allow me to go back to my once loved cheeseburger and kebab lifestyle? One thing is certain that I will cop a cavalcade of abuse on the PokerNetwork Forums as soon as word of me doing Pilates becomes public knowledge!
Have a great week and best of luck in whatever it is you do!
- Joey Del

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Joey Del enjoying newly found poker clarity! Joey Del enjoying newly found poker clarity!

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