The Joey Del Experience: Grant Levy, ANZPT, Russian Accents and the Caribbean Stud Jackpot!

Posted at 16:16 2009-04-24
Hello again! As usual it has been an eventful week! My understanding was that when you left work you had more time to do stuff. This is not true. I have not had a spare moment all week. It has been completely out of control!
First of all I interviewed 2007 APPT winner Grant Levy for PokerNetwork Radio. We had a really good chat about poker and about life. One of the things that I enjoyed most about talking to Grant was to see that he is not just a poker player. There is more to his life than just his profession. He has a loving wife and some great kids (apparently they are aspiring poker champions). Grant was quite comfortable talking about more than one topic which is something that I have found most “interview worthy” people are not. I don’t just mean poker players. Over my time on radio I have interviewed several TV personalities, musicians, politicians and sports stars and whilst they are all quite comfortable talking about their chosen profession they are often lost for words when it comes to talking about other parts of their life.
The interview seemed to go quite well and has been well received by all those who have listened to the show.   PNW Radio is a new venture so we are really hoping that people will get behind it. I have had some suggestions about adding some more hand analysis into the show with some online pros. I have a few online pros that are interested in being on the show so I may discuss this with them and see if they are happy to contribute in this capacity.   I am happy to scour news services for results from tournaments around the world. I am happy to impersonate Vietnamese boat people on work experience (Lik Ma Dong- you will meet him when you listen to the show).  I am also happy to have a crack at being funny (albeit failing miserably more often than not).  However I just don’t think that I would be benefiting anyone by offering poker strategy advice. So I will ask some of the pros and hopefully we can have that as a feature on next week’s show!
In other news I have been able to increase my own poker play this week which has definitely been a good thing. I have found these 90-man Sit and Go’s on Full Tilt Poker and I am completely obsessed with them. They are turbo knockouts so not only do the blind levels go up quickly but a portion of the entry fee goes as a bounty on the player’s head and you collect that bounty when you knock someone out. I play the $24+$2 ones where the $4 goes as a bounty on the players head. So basically you have really fast blind structures and an extra incentive to knock people out so they are just about as fun as poker can get. When I started them I was going really well. I won two out of the first five that I played which was awesome. However I then had a bit of a form slump and didn’t really cash for a little while.
You know how you get like that sometimes. To start with, you think you are just unlucky and then you start wondering if you have changed something about the way that you play and so you start to make minor adjustments to your game to get it back to where you thought it was meant to be and then you have changed so many little things that you don’t even know what you were trying to change anymore and you don’t know which parts of your game are right and which parts are wrong.
I had a bit of a session like that during the week, I was running pretty bad for a few days and not sure what I was doing wrong, or right, anymore. What I usually like to do in these situations is just go right back to basics. I try to just play basic ABC poker and then when I am comfortable with that I will start to add on my own little tricks of the trade from that point.
I am happy to say that it has worked so far. The last three of these I played I final tabled all three of them!  I got two thirds and a seventh, so not exactly the Triple Crown that you would hope for in the Disney feel good life story I am going for, but it is not over yet!
Apart from that, this week we saw the start of the ANZPT Sydney. Yesterday was the first event. It was only a little fun one, a $275 buy-in full ring NLHE event (when I say full ring I mean casino full ring - we were playing 11 handed for most of the day). As you would suggest in a live tournament with such a low buy in it was very much a crap shoot. We started with 5,000 chips at 25/50 and the blinds went up every 30 minutes. I was very card dead and really struggled to make things happen for myself.
I had one good hand when the blinds were 25/50. I was in late position with {ac} {qc} and about 4,000 chips behind. There was a limper in early position, apart from that it folded to me and I raised it up to 200. Both the blinds and the limper called and we saw a very welcome flop of {as}{qs}{9d}. It checked around to me and I bet out 600 chips (2/3 pot), both of the blinds folded and then the limper insta-jammed his stack into the middle. Not that I am ever going to be good enough to fold my hand there anyway, he was short stacked and it was only 1100 more for me to call so I did so. He turned over {9s}{8s} for bottom pair and a flush draw.  The turn came out the {8h} giving him a few extra outs but the river bricked out and I eliminated the player.
There really wasn’t much else besides that, I accumulated a bit of a stack but then had a run of raising pre flop, c-betting flop, being check-raised, folding and with the fast blind structure I was very quickly a short stack.
The hand I was eliminated on was just a standard bad beat. I got QQ all in vs K9, my opponent flopped two pair and I went home. Not too much you can do about that. Oh well not to worry. On the plus side, the lady that knocked me out (who was seated to my immediate left) was a very nice lady.  As well as this, even though she was old and...how do I say this nicely...not my type...she was Russian and had this amazing Russian accent, she was one of those players who likes to whisper what her hole cards were when she folded and had hit the flop into her neighbouring players ear (i.e. me) and that accent was just amazingly sexy and always made me tingle. E.g “Dah... I had Queen-Two darling”...*tingle*
I will be playing a fair few more lead up tourneys before the Main Event so hopefully I will have something interesting to discuss with you after I have won a few of those tournaments (positive thinking for the win!) Also, speaking of positive thinking, I will probably win the Caribbean Stud Royal Flush jackpot at the casino sometime over the weekend. Remember that you heard it here first!
Have a great week!

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Joey Del dodging landmines on the felt at the ANZPT... Joey Del dodging landmines on the felt at the ANZPT...

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