The Joey Del Experience: Pension Cards, Family Vacations, Girlfriend Tilt and the Australian Poker Hero!

Posted at 12:56 2009-07-31
Today is a pretty significant day in the ‘Del’ house hold. My old man (feared mid-stakes MTT player “Zappatore”) is turning 60 today. 60 is a magical age for two reasons. Firstly, because if I reach that age I am pretty sure that every single medical and health book that has ever been written can be labelled redundant and thrown in the bin and secondly because this is the age where you get your pension card. That means sweet, sweet low budget travel and movie tickets for the rest of your life.
Whilst it is a little scary to think that my father is now a pensioner, it means that we are all going away for the weekend, one big happy family. Now I don’t know about your family, but for us, family trips did not work when we were all in primary school. Somebody would always maliciously wound someone else, so I shudder to think how it will go down now that we are all “grown up” (I am the youngest at 26). To be honest if I live to write an article next week I will be somewhat blessed.
 The trip this weekend though has brought me to a point I would like to discuss, and that is playing poker whilst you are away from home. Obviously when you are away on a poker trip this is not a massive issue. Most of the times that I go down to Melbourne or anywhere else for a tournament with a group of friends, our time usually consists of playing live poker in the tournament then coming home and playing online poker whilst we decide which teams to bet on in whichever sports are happening anywhere around the world. These trips when you are surrounded by like-minded people make it very easy to get your quota of online playing hours in. It is the trips without these people, when you go away with ‘non poker’ people that the problems start to arise.
Take my girlfriend for example. Now don’t get me wrong, she is very supportive of my poker, she loves what I do and that I am trying to live a dream. She likes it now that I am a dream-filled 26-year old.  I wonder if she will still like it when I am a broke 35-year old, but I digress. Whilst my girlfriend is very supportive of my poker and before we go away she will be like “yeah sure, bring your laptop we will make sure we allocate time for you to play” in reality this is a lie.
Allocate time to play? Those of you who have a girlfriend will know that there is about as much chance of your girlfriend allocating time out of HER holiday for you to play poker as there is of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad allocating time to peace.
You will wake up in the morning and load up your computer to play and she will be like, “Hey don’t play now, let’s go to a cafe and have breakfast first and then you can come back and play”. So you will go to a cafe for breakfast and then after you are finished you will be thinking ok now I will go back to the hotel and play for a bit. But your girlfriend will then pipe up “Oh let’s have a look around the shops before we go back!” Now for a guy looking around the shops is a very simplistic task. You stand in the middle, you turn around, cafe, butcher, post office, newsagent, seen it, awesome, let’s go. But for a woman this is not the case, every shop must be carefully examined and scrutinised. Every item picked up and looked at, every shop assistant must be spoken to. How can male and female be so different? It is ridiculous. Then of course after this little three-hour ordeal finishes it will be time for lunch. Then time for a walk or some other tedious tourist attraction, then time for dinner and then well, if you still have any energy left to play poker after all of this then you are a tougher man than I am.
Our holiday is off to a place called the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. Some international readers may know it. For the Brits it is where that Jamie Neale guy went missing for 10 days whilst bush walking and then was found. Don’t worry about this happening to me. I will not be walking down the street let alone through any bushes. In fact I imagine the only way that I will see any bushes is if I have an argument with one of my sisters and she wraps me up in a blanket and tosses me into a ravine.
Another thing that has had everybody talking on the Australian poker circuit at the moment is the “Australian Poker Hero” promotion. Australian Poker Hero is a reality TV show being hosted by Full Tilt Poker. It is a great opportunity for players from all around Australia regardless of skill level to compete on TV. The winner will then win a free entry into the Aussie Millions, Australia’s premier poker tournament so it is truly awesome. All you need to do to enter is a) be Australian and b) play in a freeroll on Full Tilt Poker. They are easy to find on there so make sure you give it a go.
PokerNetwork Radio has rounded off its 15th week. This week we had a chat with top Australian online MTT’er Dean “Dinhjo” Nyberg about all the important things in life, Vegas, favourite snack foods and birthdays. We even snuck a little bit of poker talk in there so all in all it was a lot of fun. Make sure you check it out and leave some feedback. Also come and say hi to me and some of Australia’s best poker players in the PokerNetwork Forums. PokerNetwork is run by PokerNews and is one of the best places to go for information and advice on our favourite game.
That is all for now.
Have a great week and I will write more soon (assuming I live through the weekend)!

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Joey Del - The Next Australian Poker Hero? Joey Del - The Next Australian Poker Hero?

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