The Joey Del Experience: Stand Up Comedy and Running Deep In WSOP Main Event

Posted at 07:26 2009-07-11
So as I mentioned last week was my birthday. I got a totally awesome present from my girlfriend. She enrolled me in a school to learn how to do stand up comedy. Well when I say school, this is a pretty loose term. It is four Saturdays with a two-hour session on each day. This works out well for me as I have never been able to apply myself to any form of education for more than a few weeks so I may actually finish this one.
At the end of it I get a certificate saying that I have graduated from “The Australian School of Stand Up Comedy” so it looks like I will end up with a tertiary education after all! My mother will be so proud of me!
Stand up comedy is one of those things that I have always wanted to do. I always planned to do it but never got around to it. I guess that was a case of being too scared to do it. But I don’t have a choice now as part of completing the course is doing two shows at the end so I will need to face my fears, get up on stage and make a complete tool of myself. With any luck this works out for the best.
So we had the first week of the course last Saturday and I have to tell you it was a lot of fun. It was run by a stand up comedian called “Donte D1” he is an American guy who now lives in Australia. From what I can tell from the first week he seems like an extremely funny and awesome guy. He has spent a whole lot of his life doing the comedy circuits around Las Vegas and Los Angeles and you can just tell he is good at what he does. If I can finish this course with just one tenth of the stage presence that this guy possess then I will be very happy.
It was funny during the course there was a part where we had to get up on stage and do a little bit of an introduction skit about who we are. There was only a handful of people in the room and I figured that with my radio and limited acting experience that I would be fine to get up on stage however it is amazing, no matter how confident you are once you are up there and the spot light is shining in your eyes you feel like you are about two feet big. I hope that this improves with time otherwise this is going to get very disturbing very quickly.
As an assignment for the week we were supposed to write the first minute of our show so that we could present it on stage in the next class. I got into one of those fantastic moods that sometimes happen when you are a writer and I wrote about four pages worth of material. I am pretty sure that is well over a minute so hopefully we can find some funny stuff in there.
Checking out other news, the WSOP Main Event heads into day 3 and one of my good friends Paren “Puzz” Arzoomanian is doing extremely well. He has about 300k chips which puts him just behind the chip leaders. It is amazing how long this event is. Like he has 300k which is something gross like triple the average stack and is doing really well but when I was talking to him yesterday and he really put it into perspective for me. He said that even though he was doing well now he had worked out that the average chip stack on the final table would be about 18 million in chips so he still has a long way to go.
Two of my other friends Tim “Luckyshades” Horan and Daniel “Bubbleboy87” Neilson (aka the guy with the gayest screen name in online poker) are still in at day 3 and both have about 130k chips. It would be great if either of them or any of the other remaining Aussies could go for a really deep run this year. You can keep up to date with the Aussie progress by checking out the Live Tournaments Forum on PokerNetwork.
This week’s edition of PokerNetwork Radio is also a good one. We have a great in depth look at the process of all the Aussies and we also chat to our man in Vegas Paul Birman. Have a listen as Paul explains why he joined the massive number of people to be rushed from the Rio in an ambulance. We also talk about soft porn and watching hot naked chicks getting their bodies painted. It is a lot of fun, so take the time to have a listen.
Also you may remember last week that we spoke about the BetFred Poker Promotion exclusive to PokerNetwork. Well last week there were a few problems with registration at BetFred Poker so they had to postpone the freeroll until this Sunday (8pm AEST). The good news is though, to apologise for the inconvenience BetFred have added more money to the freeroll. Now instead of having $1000 in prize money it will have $2000 in prize money. It should not have more than 20-30 runners so it is a really good way for you to pick up some easy cash.
There are no playing requirements to adhere to all you need to do is sign up for BetFred Poker through the link on PokerNetwork, leave your screen name in the forum and you are good to play.
On top of this extra $1000 in cash professional poker player Ben “CNT_CRUSHER” Delaney has still offered to give out one hour of free coaching to the winner of the tournament and true to my word I will be sending a signed photo of myself to whoever is lucky enough to bust me out. It should be a lot of fun so I hope to see you there!
Good luck and speak soon!
- Joey Del

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The Joey Del Experience The Joey Del Experience

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