The Joey Del Experience: The Family Brawl, Poker Tilt And The First Stand Up Gig

Posted at 22:21 2009-08-07
I hope the week has been good for all of you. Things are pretty exciting for me at the moment - first of all let’s take a look at last weekend’s trip to the Blue Mountains that I discussed. I made two assumptions about the trip and they both turned out to be true.
First of all it was hard to slot in poker playing time around the family activities. There was always something to do all the time and also why is it that nothing works outside of the city. My Internet connection was working fine as we hit the outskirts of the city (shout out to Emu Plains) but as soon as we drove past that sign that said “You are now leaving Sydney” the connection just insta-dropped out and was nowhere to be seen until we crossed back over that magical line some four days later.
So all the playing I did had to be at a cafe in Katoomba. This was LOL in itself, as we went to one cafe and tried to set up our computers there and the owner told us that we could not use the Internet there as people who go online sit there for hours and don’t order anything. He then told us that Internet usage also ruins the ambience of the place. So I looked around his little cafe and noticed that there was nobody in there, congratulated him on such a well thought out business model and moved on.
I did not mention the name of that place because I forgot it, which is upsetting as I would have liked to slam them, however I will mention the name of “Parakeet” cafe. This place was awesome and if I ever do move to Katoomba I will ensure that it is in walking distance of this place. The people that ran it where happy for me to leech of their Internet connection all day and were extremely nice and the food was pretty good too. Anyway, I figured they deserved a free plug.
The other thing that I mentioned was the inevitable family in-fighting that happens on these trips. Yes it happens, but after monitoring, I am confident that if I was not in our family everybody would get along really well, all the fights generally revolve around me and I always seem to be at fault. Oh well, I guess this is the price I have to pay for being really, really good looking.
I made a modest attempt at bush walking whilst I was there too. This is as ridiculous a past time as any out there. We tried to do this walk near the three sisters (Katoomba’s most iconic landmark - Google it if you don’t know what I am talking about, it is good). Basically the “highlight” of this walk is the “giant staircase”, 1,000 very steep steps from the top of the three sisters to the bottom. If you are thinking of doing this...DON’T! Not fun!  I got about 200 steps down and decided that this was silly and walked back up.  I mean come on guys it is 2009! Can we not get a lift or an escalator put in there? I mean what year was the Jetsons set? They have flying cars, the least we can do is save people having to walk!
Poker has been going quite well for me lately. I have been playing some cash games to supplement my tournament schedule. When I play I generally play for a set amount of time. Why is it that the toughest decisions always seem to happen within the last five minutes of a session? It happens so often that for 85 minutes I will be thinking “Well this was a good session” and then with five minutes to go BANG! He rivers a flush against my flopped set after calling a pot-sized bet for half of his stack on the turn. Ship the 400bb pot to him, I mean what would I possible want to do with 400bb. It isn’t like I am relying on poker for my main source of income or anything...
You may remember that about a month ago I mentioned that my girlfriend had enrolled me into a stand up comedy course for my birthday. Well now the course has come and gone and I have my first ever show this Sunday night (Star Bar on George Street, Sydney at 6:00 pm if you are in the area and interested). This is both a nervous and exciting time for me. I don’t really know what to expect, as it is quite hard to write something that you think is funny and hope that others will share your point of view. I think I should be ok but I am prepared for the very real possibility that nobody will laugh at all. After giving it some thought I have decided I will combat these nerves and my fears in the good old fashioned way...alcohol, and lots of it. So if anybody does come and notices that I am swaying a little too precariously close to that point where you fall over, if you could just come up on stage and prop me up I would greatly appreciate it. Also if my words are too slurred and you cannot make out what I am saying please do me the courtesy of just laughing out loud at thirty second intervals, it would be greatly appreciated.
This week’s edition of PokerNetwork Radio is a lot of fun as we have a chat with Pierre Bush. Bushy is a larger than life (quite literally - the guy loves a Big Mac) figure in the Australian poker community and he would quite easily be the most unlucky person I have ever met. We have a chat about various standard occurrences in a day in the life of Bushy. Things such as how the one hour flight from Newcastle to Gold Coast for the ANZPT Queensland took him 12 hours and how he managed to lose in excess of US$10,000 in Vegas during the WSOP from events that have nothing to do with gambling. You know when people are just so bad at life it becomes funny, for everyone else, well that is Pierre in a nutshell. If you are feeling a bit down at the moment or you think you run bad and need to be cheered up, well have a listen to Pierre’s stories and you are sure to be cheered up in no time.
Well that is it for now. I will be back next week with some comments on my stand up show as well as some exciting tales that have happened on the felt. By this time next week I should be down in Melbourne for the Victorian Poker Championships, undoubtedly there will be some stories from there.
Good luck in whatever it is you choose to do.
- Joey Del

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The man himself...Joey Del The man himself...Joey Del

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