The Joey Del Experience: The Whole Father-Son Thing and Exercising

Posted at 15:59 2009-05-15
The whole father-son relationship is an interesting one. When you are a kid you think that your dad is like the smartest and most awesome person in the world - everything he says is right and you basically get all of your advice from him.
Then you get a little bit older and you hit those teenage rebellion years and you decide that your dad is actually a massive douchebag and doesn’t know anything. You figure that he is out of touch. His all important wisdom has turned into nonsensical archaic gibberish such as “Don’t do drugs, they are bad for you”, “women are people too” and “Eminem isn’t the greatest thing in the world”.
Then you hit your 20’s and realise that maybe the old fool was right, you decide that the reason that you can’t remember anything about the last five years is because drugs are bad for you, that it is actually quite nice to have a girlfriend that you can talk to about life instead of just taking out the back of a night club and you shudder when you hear Eminem’s newest song because the guy has just become a corporate sell out whore and is now no different to Britney Spears or the Pussycat dolls - well except that they are way hotter than him.
So you go through this whole massive circle of rebellion and then at the end of it all you realise that your dad is actually pretty awesome. However now you don’t really look at him as someone who is a wise elder but as an equal. All of a sudden you have a great time with your father and you enjoy hanging out with him because all of the games you used to play with him as a kid you can now play with him as an adult, but better than that, he is old and decrepit now! You can actually beat him!
Well this last part is where I have a little bit of trouble. Gambling has been a massive part of my life since birth. When I was young my old man was a bookmaker and the first ‘job’ that I had was running around the race track keeping an eye on the fellow bookmaker’s betting fluctuations. Poker has been part of family life from the word go. When I used to get my pocket money we would have a deal. I would get $20 for the week. My dad would give me $10 and for the other $10 we would play a game of poker heads up. If I won I got an extra $10, if I lost then I was stuck with only half the week’s pocket money for that week. Now you might think that a father would let his son win occasionally, well then you haven’t met my father! I can honestly say that over my whole school life you could count the amount of times I won on one hand! No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t beat him. Needless to say I was a pretty hungry kid!
So let’s fast forward ten years down the track. I have been playing poker pretty seriously for about five years now. I have read countless books, logged in mammoth hours both online and at the casino and have gotten my game to a point where I am not the greatest player in the world, but I am a winning player and can certainly hold my own. You would assume that all of this time and energy spent would mean that after the rebellion years when I sit down with my old man that I would finally have the upper hand? Not even close. We get together once a week and we play against each other. There is no money involved anymore; it is simply a pride thing. Now I can tell you after watching my dad play against me and watching him play online a few times that he is terrible. When he plays he makes completely illogical moves, has no concept of game theory and will call a guy on the river when he has seven-high simply because he thinks the other guy is bluffing. But with all this in mind I still CAN NOT BEAT HIM! Each week we play and each week I lose! This has been very painful for me to deal with but I have been able to hide it from the rest of the world until now....now he has gone and made it public.
I was working with PokerNetwork throughout the Sydney ANZPT and my dad saw the teams’ event on the schedule. “That looks fun” he said “We should play that together”. I basically just lol’d at him and got back to losing our poker game. He then asked my sister’s boyfriend to play in the event with him (who is as clueless about poker as my old man) and what do they do. They go and make the final table, finish 6th and pick up about $3k for their efforts! Then about one week later my dad called me and asked what I was doing, I was playing poker on Full Tilt Poker so he decided he would load it up and play as well. So he played the next tournament that was starting, the fifty-fifty ($55 buy in $50k guarantee) and then min-raised his way through 1,190 players to finish in 3rd place picking up about $5k for his troubles! AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I have been having a crack at playing tournament poker for the last few weeks and I haven’t final tabled anything! Needless to say that I am not a happy camper!
The Melbourne ANZPT starts next week and they have a teams’ event there. Below is an actual transcript of a conversation I had with my father.
PappaDel: So are you going down to Melbourne?
JoeyDel: Yeah I am.
PappaDel: So they have a teams’ event down there.
JoeyDel: Yeah I know.
PappaDel: Are you playing in it with anyone?
JoeyDel: I am not sure, why do you want to play together?
PappaDel: No thanks, I want to have a decent shot at winning.
*JoeyDel proceeds to hang up phone, throw it across the room and beat the crap out of it with a shoe*
Exercise is another thing that is getting to me at the moment. Like I said previously I was going to try and get fit. I have started by walking my fat ass around the streets for an hour or so at a time. Does anybody out there exercise? How boring and the opposite of fun is this? I mean seriously, your feet start to hurt, you sweat, and you lose breath. It is not good at all! It has also been quite counter-productive as I generally end up walking by a cafe and going in to have breakfast. And whilst, bacon, eggs, omelettes, sausages and pancakes are tasty I don’t know how beneficial they are to the whole getting fit thing... Oh well, we will keep at it and see what happens.
In other news the latest episode of PokerNetwork Radio is now available. We are starting to have a lot of fun with it with some good interviews and characters. Appearing on this week’s episode we have:
Daniel Neilson - Daniel won the 2009 ANZPT High Rollers Event picking up a very tidy $100,000 for his efforts. We have a chat to him about the tournament as well as going through a hand that he played in our hand analysis section.
Lik Mai Dong- Lik Mai is the work experience kid at PokerNetwork Radio - He came from Vietnam on a plank of wood. He used to work at Yum-Phat FM in Ho Chi Minh City and he tells us about a recent experience that he had at Star City Casino.
Abed Jihad - Abed is a financial guru. He is a special guest on the show and he has a chat with us about the 2009 Australian Federal Budget as well as ‘getting in deep’ with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
So download the latest episode and tell me what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Until next week have fun!
- JoeyDel

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The Joey Del Experience: The Whole Father-Son Thing And Exercising The Joey Del Experience: The Whole Father-Son Thing And Exercising

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