The Joey Del Experience: Dodgy Real Estate Agents, Radio Shows And Living The Baker's Lifestyle

Posted at 17:15 2009-04-17
What a week!
This past seven days has been one of the most eventful of my life however for someone who is trying to make it as MTT tournament player, I played a surprisingly small amount of poker this week! I wanted to, but you know how these things go sometimes.
It all started last Friday, I got a phone call from my real estate agent (just to bring you up to speed I bought this really tiny shoe box style apartment about 6 months ago, when I had a job, and I have some tenants in there). When I spoke to her on the phone she informed me that the tenants in my property had decided to break their lease and move out, nice huh? So that was a little bit of a headache I now had to decide what to do with my property. The real estate agent very nicely (or so I thought) told me not to worry as she would put my apartment back on the market for me and we should get another tenant in no time. I resigned to the fact that this was happening and decided to move on with life. As an afterthought I organised to go and see the tenant because we get along very well and I was a little shocked that she would do something like this without telling me herself.
So I went over and met the tenant at my property and we were there talking, she told me she had found another place nearby and would be moving there, she then told me that she really liked my apartment and hoped I would allow her to move back when everything was sorted out...I was about to say to her “Well why don’t you just not move out and stay here if you like it so much?” Surely that would save a lot of bother! But before I could say anything she then said “I hope everything works out well with your family.” Ok, that was enough “excuse me?” I said, to which she replied “I heard that your parents were splitting up and that you needed somewhere to live so that is why you are kicking me out of your house.” Ok first of all, my parents separated nearly a decade ago and yes it was tough but I have been over it for about 9 and a half years now! Secondly where on Earth did she get this kind of idea from?!?! She then told me that the real estate agent had told her that and that was why she had started looking for a new place, she then told me how lucky she had been as the real estate agent had found her another property that was only a little bit more expensive... WELL HOW CONVENIENT!
We had quite clearly both been conned by the real estate agent!  I explained what had happened to the tenant and she burst into tears. Great, now I am standing in the middle of my ‘investment property’ which now has no tenant, a dodgy real estate agent running the joint and some woman who is bawling her eyes out and who speaks about as much English as I do Chinese! After consoling her and getting her on her way I then called the real estate agent and told her where she could shove her chances of managing my property or any other properties I might own in the future and moved on. The real estate agent told me that she had now found another tenant and they were going to pay more money but I hung up the phone and forgot about it. As a general rule of thumb I try to only get conned once by each person per week (except of course on the poker table where the same people con me religiously). I decided, out of spite to the whole real estate agent industry, to not rent out my property anymore and now, within a week of all this happening, I have moved all of my stuff over to the apartment and have moved in.
Moving in was probably not the smartest move considering my current employment status and my desires of moving to “balla status” in multi-table tournaments however I am hoping that this will turn out like one of those Disney movie scenarios where the guy is completely down and out and then he goes on to ship the Sunday Millions like five times in a row... well fingers crossed anyway.
So my new address is in a suburb of Sydney called Ashfield. It isn’t all that far from the CBD (probably a 10 minute train) and it is one of the many “Chinatown suburbs” that we have here in Sydney. Within about 1km of where I am sitting, there would probably be about 30 all night Chinese restaurants, five Vietnamese bakeries, three kebab shops and two pubs. Needless to say I am happy here.
Apart from the “great housing scandal” that happened this week I have also had a busy week for a host of other reasons. The main one would have to be the fact that my newest project started last Wednesday. PokerNetwork Radio is a new online poker radio show that discusses results, gossip and strategy pieces for poker predominately focusing on the Australian scene but also looking at what is happening all over the world.
Like I said it is brand new and still is far from perfect but it is really good fun and I hope that I can make a few people laugh from it. It would be good if you could listen to it and tell me what you think as we are constantly trying to improve it. I am trying to secure some interviews with some big name Australian players from both the live and online scene which should be both interesting and informative. There will also be bonuses and prizes available exclusively to listeners of the show.
As you can see it has been one heck of a week! I hardly got to fit in much as far as actual poker playing goes. I suppose my weekly highlight was cashing in 14th place in the $50 cubed today on PokerStars. I felt like the tournament was tough. There didn’t seem to be many bad players in the tournament at all (except of course me). After speaking to some friends who play a lot of MTT tournaments they suggested that I should try playing a little bit earlier Australian time. I started playing at about 7 am this morning and registered for tournaments up until 10am. Apparently there is a greater selection of tournaments from about 4:30 am. I will try getting up to play at that time over the next week and see if there is any marked difference.
It appears that to be an online tournament player in Australia you need to live the lifestyle of a baker!
Until next week have fun and good luck in whatever you do!


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