The JoeyDel Experience: Melbourne, The One Outer and The Stand Up Review!

Posted at 20:32 2009-08-14
Well I am here.
Melbourne, love it or hate it is the home of poker in Australia. In risk of getting bashed by my fellow Sydneysiders I have to admit that I love it here. There is something special about sitting by the Yarra sipping on a coffee whilst writing an article that fits in with my desired lifestyle.
I am down here for the 2009 Victorian Poker Championships one of the larger and more salubrious tournaments on the Australian tournament Calender. I flew in this morning. I don’t know why but every time I travel interstate I always decide to catch the first plane in the morning thinking to myself ‘sure no problem I can be on board a plane at 6am’ of course I forget to factor in that with airplanes 6am isn’t really 6am. For starters you need to be there forty five minutes before the flight and then it actually takes  forty five minutes to get to the airport, factor that in with the fact that I never pack my bags until the morning I have to go and next thing you know I am waking up at 4am.
Now I don’t know about you but I am a firm believer that 4am is a time that should only be visited for three reasons. Firstly if you are playing the Sunday majors (Monday morning Australian time), secondly if you are still up partying from the night before and thirdly if it is ANZAC day and you are required, by virtue of being an Australian, to start your day’s drinking as close to dawn as possible.
So here I am now sitting in my apartment that I have for the weekend trying desperately to stay awake as I write this article and take care of some other work. I am excited about playing in this tournament as I have not had an opportunity to play a live tournament in a couple of months. I would like to put in a good showing in this tournament but as we all know tournament poker is a funny thing.
Outside of poker I had my first stand up comedy show last weekend. Now that was some fun. I am one of those sick people who enjoy putting themselves in difficult and awkward situations. This was certainly one of those situations where I was nervous! I was completely fine the whole way through until I actually got to the venue where I was to perform. I felt like a school boy on his first date, my insides shrivelled up, my palms were sweaty and my legs were weak. I remained like this even when I was on stage. In fact I only really started to relax when I got my first laugh. I am quite happy to report that I think the show went quite well. I mean, I didn’t get booed off stage and I didn’t even have any rotten fruit thrown at me so that has to count for something right? I have booked four more sets over the next few weeks so hopefully they go well. It is still a learning curve for me at the moment so fingers crossed things will go well. Either way it certainly is a lot of fun.
WOW, I just had to interrupt my original plan for this article to tell you about a bad beat that my friend just copped. I am sharing a room down in Melbourne with Sydney players Daniel Neilson and Paren “Puzz” Arzoomanian. As I was sitting here writing Daniel was playing some of his standard $10/$20 cash game tables on Full Tilt just to kill some time. Daniel is renowned for being an indifferent ‘Don’t give a stuff’ kind of player when on the poker tables. So you could imagine my surprise when he started giggling like a little school girl and hurled his laptop across the room (Ok, he may have just gently placed it on the couch next to him, but creative license right?) . He then showed me the hand history and I like to make fun of my friends for being cry babies at the best of times but this honestly was one of the sickest beats I have ever seen.
Without going into too much detail we will just assume that Daniel played the hand correctly and the villain played the hand like an “OMG mega spewtard donk”. On the turn, Daniel held {qs}{qh} on a {7h}{4h}{4d}{4c} board. He then check-shoved and was insta-snap called by the other genius who turned over {5h}{3h}. Obviously the river came the meaningless {6h} to give our clever friend the one outer he needed for a straight flush and Daniel shipped his two thousand dollar stack across the table. It reminds me of a great rhyme that Mike Matusow can often be heard singing at the poker tables “Poker, Poker, it’s all skill, start with the worst hand and go uphill”.
In other news, at PokerNetwork Radio we have given the morbidly obese Pierre Bush a little more air time on the show. Now I am not kidding when I say obese. Pierre is so fat that you could exercise by jogging around him. But like most fat people, (except for any fat people that are reading this... I love you, keep reading ;-)) Bushy runs bad at life and it is a lot of fun to make fun of so make you sure you check that out as well as all the other fantastic things that are happening on PokerNetwork including the forums, the news section and the live reporting now complete with video coverage from the very blonde and very sexy Lynn Gilmartin...actually I wonder if she is single? Hmmm I am going to find out!
Until next time, have fun and good luck in whatever it is you do!

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Joey Del Ready To Win The Vic Champs Main Event! Joey Del Ready To Win The Vic Champs Main Event!

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