The JoeyDel Experience: Stripping Down And Watching Videos

Posted at 21:20 2009-08-30
Hello to everyone out there in Internet land!
As you may or may not be aware I have been playing some cash games of late to add some consistency to my cash flow. The variance of tournaments means that you can go for a serious amount of tournaments without having a cash, sadly, I need to eat on almost a daily basis so I needed to play some cash games as well to try and keep up my ‘healthy’ eating pattern, after all, Big Macs get expensive. The cash games have all been going quite well except for the last couple of weeks where I have stumbled upon a bit of a downswing.
Downswings are as annoying as they are inevitable; however there is one part about them in particular that I would like to discuss. I don’t know how you guys feel but when I have a bad run of thousands upon thousands of hands, I look at my game a lot more and start to try and answer a very difficult question, “Am I actually running bad or am I playing bad?” I find this to be a very difficult question and I think that in most downswings that you experience as a player, both are true. To answer it, I start to analyse every portion of my game a lot more. Am I continuation betting in some bad spots? Am I opening with too wide a range from early positions? Am I missing some precious value-bet opportunities due to playing out of fear as I am running bad?
All of these questions keep popping up in my head and I find myself subconsciously changing small parts of my game until eventually I am playing so differently to my standard strategy, I am not even sure what is right and what is wrong anymore. This is the situation that I found myself in a couple of days ago. My results graph was dropping down quicker than the stock market during the height of the “GFC” and I was really confused about what I was doing wrong to affect that. So I did the only thing that I thought I could do to make the situation right... I decided to strip down.
Now ladies, calm down! I am not about to put on ‘the gun show’ for you. I am not even going to strip down to my favourite g-string, when I say strip down, I mean with my poker game. Every time I am going bad and am confused about what I am doing wrong, I strip my poker game back to the absolute basics. I play ABC poker for a few thousand hands. Really nitty TAG kind of stuff. Once I am comfortable with this I then try to start adding in extra components one at a time, still just basic things like increasing my steal range and maybe 3 betting against lose players with a wider range.
I find this time in the game to be of a real importance as I add one thing and monitor it for a while to make sure that I am 100% happy with what I am doing. When I am happy with what I am doing I will look at adding something else. If I add something and it doesn’t seem to be working this is a good thing as I know exactly what this thing is and I can look at it subjectively and decide what needs to be modified to increase my win rate.
Even though this takes time I think it is an important part of playing poker and something that is worth doing every now and then when things are bad. It really helps you to look at your game and to make sure that what you are doing is relevant in the current climate. Poker changes so much and changes so quickly, if you are consistently doing the same thing you are not staying at the same level, you are falling behind.
I am in quite a fortunate situation as I have a good group of friends who are all proficient poker players and are more than happy to offer advice on specific hands or on game theory as a whole. Having discussions with other poker players regardless of their skill level is such a great way to look at the game from different angles. Being involved in discussions with poker players through online chat or on poker forums is vital to becoming a long term profitable player.
It doesn’t matter how long you have been playing or how many hands you have played. You can always improve and you can always get better. Keep reading articles (the strategy ones, not the dribble that I post), keep watching videos (again the poker ones, not the amateur porn that I may or may not have flooded the Internet with) and keep evolving as a poker player. This is something that I have been working on of late and I am happy to report that my results graph now finally resembles a bull market again instead of a bear one.
Anyway that is enough mindless dribble from me for one week. Best of luck with whatever it is you choose to do. I hope that your cards hold up, your sports bets get there and that you get a free round of drinks wherever you end up over the weekend.
Speak soon,
- JoeyDel

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