The JoeyDel Experience: The Vic Champs, Coffee-Flavoured Phones and Counterfeits

Posted at 21:28 2009-08-22
Hey guys,
I am back in downtown Sydney, and the fact that I am actually writing this blog at the moment should tell you that I didn’t win the $190,000 first prize on offer in the Victorian Poker Championships Main Event down at Crown Casino. Don’t get me wrong I love writing these and talking to you guys but if I was a couple of hundred thousand dollars richer I am pretty sure I would disappear for a while.
So the trip was interesting, the tournament itself was eventful. I busted out about four minutes before the dinner break on the first day, which really helped the appetite! It is fair to say that I wasn’t blessed with an abundance of luck on the day. Firstly I received my first ever five-minute penalty and was excluded from the tournament for a few hands. I was given the penalty for using my mobile phone however this was not possible as my mobile phone was not working. That morning before the tournament I had settled in for breakfast at the “Automatic Cafe” on the Crown Promenade with Daniel Neilson, Mathew Pearson, James Obst, Dean Nyberg and one of their friends Josh, who I had met for the first time but he seemed like a nice guy. Anyway about half way through the breakfast, Daniel decides that it would be quite fun to hover my mobile phone over my coffee and pretend that he was going to drop it in. Well this was funny until it slipped from his hand and actually fell into my coffee. Actually this isn’t fair, at that point it didn’t stop being funny, actually it became hilarious. My point being that at the time of receiving a penalty for talking on the phone my phone didn’t actually work...NOT GUILTY YOUR HONOUR!!
Another bizarre moment in my day occurred when the dealer, as happens occasionally, only dealt me one card when I was on the button. I don’t usually look at my cards until it is my turn to act so you could imagine my surprise when the action got to me and I looked down to only see one card (which just to mock me was the {as}). I informed the dealer of what had happened and we had a situation on our hands. Now as I was on the button my card was the top one on the deck. As far as I was concerned, and most of the players on my table were in agreement, they could just give me the card on top and we could all just carry on as normal. However the dealer didn’t think that this was possible so he asked for one of the tournament directors to come over and make a ruling. The TD came over, looked at the situation and said that my hand was dead and I had to fold my one remaining card! What is worse is they wouldn’t give me my ante back! Now I don’t doubt that this is the rule because I have always found all involved down at Crown Casino to be competent and fair but come on...how stupid a rule is this? I did absolutely nothing wrong yet I had the privilege of losing my button and having to pay chips to do that! Ridiculous!
 Apart from my lone {as} in the above mentioned situation, I was literally card dead all day. The best unpaired hand that I got in seven hours of play was {ac}{qc} and I only got this hand once. The best pair that I was dealt was {Th}{Ts} which I only got dealt once again and lost a fairly sizable pot when Pierre Aoukar flopped bottom pair with {ad}{6d} and called me down on every street only to trip up on the river. Mr Aoukar would be the man who eventually eliminated me from the tournament in a situation similar to the one above.
Firstly let me say that Pierre had the biggest stack on the table by far. He had been playing a very aggressive game and had hit every card that he needed to chip up his stack. I felt though that he was feeling invincible and that he wasn’t really looking to fold anything. I felt that fact combined with how well the tournament was structured, (we were just about to go to dinner and I had a well below average stack of 80bb), meant that I could spend a little bit of money to try and cheaply see a flop against Pierre in the hope of doing some damage.
Such a situation arose when I made a fairly dubious call from the big blind with {kh}{7h}. The blinds were 200/400 with a 50 ante. Pierre raised to 1,200 from middle position, (he was raising more or less every second hand), and after everybody else folded I called from the big blind.
It is fair to say that I had a little bit of movement in the lower regions when the flop came down {ks}{Th}{7c} giving me two pair. Well it wasn’t like Pierre wouldn’t bet so I checked, he bet 1,500 then I raised to 4,500. He sat there thinking for a bit and then made a very logical three-bet to 15,000. I instantly moved all in for around 33,000 and he snap called and slammed his cards down on the table.
At this point I was like great, he must have flopped a set or something, I mean how else could he snap call a four-bet shove and slam his hand on the table so confidently? Well he didn’t have a set. He had turned over the {as}{ac} for just an overpair and making me a 3-to-1 favourite in the hand. I am not sure if he had made an error of judgement or if he felt I was likely to four-bet shove with {kx}{jx} or something like that but anyway his snap call turned out to be genius as the turn came the {4d} and the river the {Td} to make him a bigger two pair than me and to send me on my way out of the tournament.
Pierre Aoukar was a nice fun guy and was good to play with, so I have to admit of all the people on the table I don’t mind losing my chips to him. I guess the lesson is just to not tangle with a guy that runs like God.
Anyway that will do me for now. I will be back with more next week!
Have fun and good luck in whatever you do!


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Not The Vic Champs Main Event Champion - Joey Del Not The Vic Champs Main Event Champion - Joey Del

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