The Not-So-Great Achievements From The 2009 WSOP

Posted at 07:51 2009-06-16
The media coverage of the 2009 World Series of Poker has been huge this year – already we’ve seen many records have been broken and many milestones, both individually and overall, have been achieved. However significant or minute these facts may seem, the WSOP is a statistician’s dream, with numbers being crunched in greater volume than the New York Stock Exchange (only fitting that this is the case, given the current economic climate).

However we’re constantly inundated with all the typical records, so it’s only fitting that after sifting through the Excel spreadsheets, the PokerNetwork team bring you the “best of the worst” – statistics that may not hold as much sway as Phil Ivey winning two WSOP bracelets, but are notable nonetheless.

So notable, in fact, they deserve their own award presentation – “The Razzies” (with apologies to the satirical Raspberry Awards given out to the least favourable in the movie industry, our “Razzie” is of course, a reference to the game Razz, where the lowest hand wins).

Our first Razzie is for Lowest Cash Percentage by Location, and the nominees are:

South Dakota                   (37 entries, 2 cashes, 5.40%)
Nebraska                          (41 entries, 2 cashes, 4.87%)
Manitoba, Canada           (24 entries, 1 cash, 4.16%)
Oklahoma                         (144 entries, 1 cash, 4.16%)

AND THE RAZZIE GOES TO ... the District of Columbia takes the Razzie for the Lowest Cash Percentage by Location, with one cash from 28 entries for a strike rate of 3.57%!

HONOURABLE MENTION: awarded to Colorado with 485 entries chalking up 38 cashes for a strike rate of 7.83%. Break out the Cheezy Poofs and Snacky Cakes, South Park, it’s time to celebrate!

The next Razzie is for the Players with Most Events Entered. There is a six-way tie for second place between Noah Schwartz, Frank Kassela, Mark Dickstein, Roland Isra, David Baker and Nikolay Evdakov, all with 12 entries.

AND THE RAZZIE GOES TO ... Andy Black, who so far has entered 14 WSOP Events this year!

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Kathy Liebert, Sorel Mizzi, Michael Binger (11 entries); Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, Marco Traniello, Mark Seif, Scott Montgomery (10). We thank our nominees for their unwavering financial investment into the World Series of Poker.

Before we present our Gold Razzie, we’d like to honour two countries this year with a special Encouragement Award. These countries have only sent over one entry into the WSOP so far, but have each chalked up a 100% in-the-money percentage rate. To South Korea and India, congratulations are in order and we hope to see your teams in greater force next year.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Gold Razzie for Lowest Cash Percentage by Player. The criteria for this award was simple – the player had to have played a minimum of 10 events. Without further ado, the nominees for the Gold Razzie are:

Noah Schwartz, Frank Kassela, Mark Dickstein and Roland Isra (12 entries and one cash each, 8.00%)

AND THE GOLD RAZZIE GOES TO ... (drumroll please)...

ANDY BLACK, with his 14 entries and one cash, for a strike rate of 7.00%! Congratulations Andrew!

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Michael Binger (11 entries, one cash, 9.00%), Marco Traniello, Mark Seif, Scott Montgomery (10 entries and one cash each, 10%).

That concludes this year’s Razzie Awards. For all your major statistics and leader boards, log onto www.worldseriesofpoker.com.

Note: All statistics were listed up until WSOP 2009 Event #20.


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Andy Black Cleans Up At The Razzies Andy Black Cleans Up At The Razzies

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